Thursday, September 13, 2012

HANA Blow Dryer Review

No joke, the day I write this post saying I wash my hair only once a week, I get an email from Misikko asking me to review their HANAair Professional Blow Dryer... coincidence? I think not. I think they were trying to tell me something... ha!

So, anyway, of course I agreed to reviewing it. I had been due for a new hair dryer for some time! 

About a week later, a huge package came in the mail filled with all kinds of goodies and a nice new shiny blow dryer. 

The Good: 

~Quick - I timed and it took me 11 minutes to blow dry my hair completely dry. It had not air dried at all so it was soaking wet when I started. This is really good for my thick curly hair!

~Heat - It gets really hot! This of course helps with the quickness, but I have to mention this because I know this is a huge factor when I'm buying a blow dryer.

~Long, professional cord - not something you typically think about and I honestly didn't notice. But when my mom came for my surgery and she blow dried my hair she mentioned that was a plus so I'll put it here. 

The Bad: 

~The price tag. This sells for $200 on their website. No matter how much I love a good blow dryer I dont think I could ever pay $200. 

~The location of the buttons on the handle - This will take some getting used to for me. It would probably take me less time to blow dry my hair if I weren't having to constantly turn it back on or turn the power back up because I've accidentally hit the buttons. The 'cool' button is also really awkward. With all the blow dryers I've previously owned, you have to push and hold down to get the cold air. With the HANA, if you push it, the cold air stays on until you push it again to turn it off. It took me forever to figure out why it was blowing cold air. 

~It didn't come with a diffuser. I have curly hair and have to have a diffuser to get it curly. And mine from my previous blow dryer doesn't fit.


I love this blow dryer. It works wonders for my icky, frizzy, curly poofy hair. It makes blow drying my hair alot easier. But I don't think I could ever pay $200 for it! Not just this blow dryer,  but any blow dryer. I'm cheap and buy everything with a coupon ;)

Thanks Misikko for the Hana Blow Dryer! 


natalie blair said...

I sure do love a good product review!!! You lucky girl you to get this offer! My mom is a hair stylist so I will have to tell her about this website so she can get her supplies from there! Awesome stuff I tell ya!

Jodi said...

You are so lucky. I want to review one!!

Domesticable said...

I'd be interested to see how quickly it dries my thick hair. It takes me 40 minutes!!! I doubt it would shave off much time; this mop is out of control which is why I too only wash once a week


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