Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

Usually I have no problems thinking of a birthday list. But this year, with the wedding and everything going on, honestly my birthday has snuck up on me and I haven't even thought about it! 

I know John and my family like to see this list every year on my blog so I racked my brain to come up with things that I'd love to have for my birthday this year :) 

1. I'd really like to have a Longchamp
I love that you can customize your own and pick colors, monograms, and handle lengths. I'm loving this navy and pink one! 

2. I really want one of these monogramed jackets/windbreakers. 
I love the navy one on the website with pink writing :) 

3. A pair of moccasins 
How cute are these??

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

4.  Giftcard to Bora Bora, my favorite nail place

5. a giftcard for a facial

6. A Rainbow Cookie Cake (or rainbow cookies)
Yes, I want something that you get in NY on my birthday in Texas. Can someone puhhhllease order me this and have it shipped?? ;) And I guess Crave cupcakes will do if rainbow cookies aren't possible.

7. Jewelry
I'm always happy with some new classic jewelry!!

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

8. Stuff off our registry
Not really the every day boring stuff, but the fun stuff I WANT like our fun color Fiesta stuff! 

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

I think that's it! And my birthday is October 27th incase any of you want to send something ;) 

Happy Thursday!


Brooke said...

I love the colors of the cooking stuff! Too cute!


Katie said...

I'm DYING for a monogram necklace!! And that windbreaker is super cute!

Carolyn said...

Happy almost birthday!! :)

Jenna said...

I have been in LOVE with those monogrammed jackets! Love all your brithday finds! Happy Thursday girl!

Lauren said...

love that windbreaker and the monogram necklace! I might need to purchase these for my self!

Meghan said...

I never knew that those purses were called Longchamps, but I see them everywhere and I just love them!

Meghan said...

Those moccasins look so comfy! I want a pair!

Tara Badeaux said...

J surprised me with a monogrammed necklace after our wedding and I LOVE it! You've created a great list!

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