Monday, October 8, 2012

Phone Photo Fun - The End

Ashlee and I are back for our last week of...

Yup, you read that right. This is going to be the last week of Phone Photo Fun. Ashlee and I discussed it and we just feel like with less and less people linking up each week, our lack of time for commenting on all the blogs that actually do link up, and all the new phone link ups popping up everywhere, we should just say bye for now. We've really enjoyed the past year and who knows. Maybe it'll make a reappearance some day ;) 

But thank you to everyone who has ever linked up and especially to all of you who linked up every week!!! 

And here are my pictures for the last week of Phone Photo Fun!!

{loving this new cuttingboard we registered for}

{OOTD - first day of October}

{apparently my instagram followers like boobies and weddings!}

{Jenn, Jess, Lura, Ashlee, Amanda, and Syndal get alot of love from me :)}

{that face....}

{went to Ft. Worth this weekend and had some COLD weather!!}

{sleepy kitty}

{then she woke up and helped me do the laundry}

{I walked away from the dryer and I came back and she was asleep in there}

{supporting the Red Raiders at work on Friday}

{Used our new crockpot Friday for dinner}

{went to Menchies for dessert Friday night with some friends}

{brunch on Sunday at Joe T Garcias for my mom's 50th)

{got a new app on my phone with a countdown... eeeeeek!}

{my favorite candy}

Now come link up with us for the last time!!!! :)


Holly said...

What's the name of that countdown app?

Sarah said...

We registered for that same cutting board! I'm hoping we get it at our big shower this weekend! Such twins! :)

Rachel said...

I'm sad this link up is going away! :( Love your pictures. I live in Dallas and yes, we had some cold weather this weekend. Brr!! At least it will be in the 80s by Thursday!

Your "fur baby" pictures are always so adorable!!


Lauren said...

that cutting board is amazing! :)

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