Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - 2 months!

Holy Cow y'all! 

2 months!!!! 

I feel like I have so much to do still!

Here's my to do list for the next 2 months:

1. Finish up all the DIY projects I'm working on - As much as I love DIY and the fact that I am putting my personal touches on our wedding, sometimes I think it would have just been easier to pay someone to do it. But, I know when it's all over I'll be glad I did it all myself! I'm not putting everything I'm working on the blog because I want it to be a surprise but here's a little sneak of some things I'm working on... 

2. Wedding Bands - Yup, still haven't done this. cough, John, cough. 

3. Song Lists - I need to finalize all our ceremony music and send to the DJ as well as our reception entrance song and our first dance song. Everything else I think I am leaving up to the DJ.  I trust he can keep the party going :)

4. Start Packing - Yes, this sounds crazy to do 2 months in advance. But November and the beginning of December is going to be crazy. Bachelorette Party, Dress Fittings, Thanksgiving, Church Wedding... then it's time to leave!! I can go ahead and start packing things like swim suits, cover ups, summer dresses, sandals, etc because, let's be real, I won't be wearing those in November/December! I also have to have all the decorations and wedding items organized and see what can fit in our suitcases so I can send home everything else with my mom after the Bachelorette party so she can pack in their suitcases. Crazy to think we're already having to do this!
This is the pile of stuff that has to go with us.... and it's not even everything!! :-/

5. Start calling guests who haven't RSVP'd. Our RSVP date is November 1st and we still have alot of people who haven't RSVP'd. I know most of them aren't coming but there's a reason we put a stamp on the RSVP envelope ;) 

6. Remember what this is all about - There's been a lot of wedding stress lately, and every month I have this long to do list of materialist things to do for the wedding. Honestly, I need to remember what this is all about. Me and John. I love him, he loves me and we're ready to start our new lives as husband and wife. And that will happen whether we have ceremony music or not, DIY projects finished, or all the decorations in Mexico. It doesn't matter about any of that.  <3>

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest


Carolyn said...

This is a great list! My tip would be to make sure to get that DIY stuff done ASAP! I was making programs the NIGHT BEFORE my wedding. Annoying. HAHA Don't do that! :)

Katie said...

I agree with Carolyn- get all the DIY stuff done ASAP. I was finishing projects until the day before, and I was SO exhausted the whole time. Honestly, I still regret doing so much DIY stuff. Yes, it was very pretty, more so than anything I could have bought, but nobody appreciated any of it, and 90% of it ended up in the trash. If I had to do it over, I'd buy everything, make nothing.
We had the RUDEST guests too. We had to track down responses from at least half the invitees, and some responded (via facebook) the night before the final count was due. Then almost half that RSVP'd didnt even show up, so we wasted tons of food. I was so angry.

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