Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - FIESTA!!

Our couples shower was absolutely perfect!!!

Both of our mom's did a fabulous job of putting the Fiesta together and we had so much fun celebrating with all of our family and friends!!!

There is major picture overload in this post so bare with me! It was too hard to pick just a few and I wanted to make sure to show all of the details that my mom and John's mom worked so hard at! 

Here's the invitation... (it's from Etsy of course!)

The weekend started out a little crazy.... My mom ended up in the ER because she dropped a glass platter at John's parents and it bounced up and sliced her leg open. She got 3 stitches and a tetanus shot, but she is ok :) 

Saturday was a whirlwind! All of my family drove to Houston from Ft. worth and most of our friends were there! We are SO blessed!!! 

These were the favors John's mom came up with! They were margarita glasses, a lime, a small bottle of Tequila, and a packet of margarita mix with our names on it. They were a hit!! 

And what's a Fiesta without a Margarita machine???

My mom made all the flower arrangements...

We played the shoe game... We traded 1 of our shoes and my mom asked us questions. We had to hold up which shoe we thought the answer was, if that makes sense. It was SO funny!!!
I think the funniest questions were Who farted first? and Who has the craziest family? 

Then it was time to open gifts! Man... this took like an hour!! There were so many gifts!! We got so many great things and can't wait to use it all!

The sign that Jenn made for us!!

And of course we got cat stuff from Celia and Mychael!

More signs from Jenn!!! I was so excited about these because we can use them at the wedding and they match our wedding colors perfectly!

Me, John and my bridesmaids

John's family

My family

John and 2 of his 3 groomsmen

Thank you so much momma and Kathy!! We had a great day!!! And thank you to everyone who came to celebrate me and John! It means so much to us!! 

pictures with Fleurish Imagery watermark are thanks to Emily! Visit her photography website here.
She also did our engagement pics!


Tamara @ T {times} Three said...

I think the sombrero with the veil is the cutest thing EVER!

Leslie said...

this is the cutest shower, ever.
Down to every last detail!! Those margarita cookies are so adorable! :)

Life With Lauren said...

What an amazing time. Everything is so cute and I am glad your mom is ok!

Rebekah said...

What an amazing shower! I love all the little details!

Emily said...

Happy I got to help celebrate, everything was perfect!

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

I love it all, and the cake looks DELICIOUS! Glad your mom is okay :)

Whitney H said...

What a gorgeous shower!!! I spot Celia and Jenn! So fun :) (P.S. I like that y'all had the South Carolina game on in the back... just saying!)

Kindra Myers said...

I love all of the detail! It looks like yall had a great time :)

Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

You look absolutely fantastic lady!

ashleigh said...

looks like such a great time;
omg i love it all!

ashleigh said...

looks like such a great time;
omg i love it all!

Katie said...

Omg it looks amazing!! And I love the shoe game!

Vicki said...

Everything looks wonderful! I love how many familiar faces I see (bloggy/IRL friendships are the best thing ever) Love you girlie! xoxo

Perfectly Jenn said...

I had such an amazing time and it was one of the cutest shower themes I've ever seen. Your Mama & John's Mom did such a great job!

I love that you love your signs and can't wait for you to use the Mr & Mrs ones in your wedding!

Love you lots beautiful friend!

Lauren said...

Okay! Cutest shower EVER! You are blessed!

Amber said...

How fabulous! Such a fun theme and all the decor is perfect!

Victoria Lynn said...

Soo cute! We got married in Mexico as well, it was awesome. Are you getting married at a resort?

Carolyn said...

I love this! Such a cute shower! :)

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