Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Photo Dump

Since we don't have our weekly linkup anymore, I thought I would just do a photo dump post of all the pics I have on my phone that I haven't shared! 

{kitty snuggles}

{Love when our DJ posts pics on facebook of weddings at our resort!}

{my mom has a new donkey}

{Lucy sleepin in the back of dad's closet}

{new guest bedroom stuff!}

{fun mail from Bentley}

{Lucy has a boyfriend}

These were from this weekend. We went back to Hefley's for the Tech vs. UT game. It was a lot of fun even though Tech lost and it poured down rain on us! 

Happy Tuesday! 


Meg Cady said...

Your wedding looks like it is going to be some much fun!!!!!

Glad yall had a blast hanging out rooting on your team!!!!

and seriously your kitty is just too precious!

Lauren Nicole said...

donkey!! melt. my. heart.
and that resort is to die for. the combination of lights mixed wit that sun setting is heavenly!!

Emily said...

Bentley misses Lucy!

Carolyn said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That baby donkey is SO CUTE! HAHA

Katie said...

What?!? Your mom has donkeys??? AWESOME SAUCE! You just gave me a great idea for holiday cards too, thanks!

Jessica Renee said...

Love the kitty pictures!! and I can't believe your wedding is sooo close!! Yay!

Jodi said...

Your mom has a donkey??!!

Miss. MP said...

Love your new bedding-- looks great!

Alex said...

That donkey is precious!!!!!

Vicki said...

I want a donkey! LOL!

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