Monday, December 31, 2012

What Makes Savanah Smile: Year in Review

I recapped my personal year with my birthday post so I thought I would do a blog year in review. I know I've gained a lot of new readers since January so I'm going to post some of my favorite and your favorite blog posts from the past year!

January 2012 - 
I posted the Law of the Garbage Truck - something I think everyone needs to read!

February 2012 - 
In honor of Valentines Day, Jessica and I hosted an Online Love Story linkup and I posted mine and John's love story
I talked about the "wedding woes" and y'all all gave me so much support and guidance!

March 2012 - 
I posted about our #epicladiesweekend in Austin - so much fun with new blog friends!
I shared all of my reject wedding dresses

April 2012 - 
Even though it was hard, I'm glad I wrote about Mr. Cotton and his life

May 2012 - 

June 2012 - 
I told y'all why I blog
I told you about the blogger girls I'd love to meet
I shared a slideshow of our engagement pictures

July 2012 -
I jumped on the blog bandwagon and wrote an If You Really Knew me post

August 2012 - 

September 2012 - 
I shared my post op progress
Y'all raved about the Bridesmaid Gifts I gave my girls

October 2012 - 
I wrote all about my birthday celebrations
I shared the pictures from our Couples Shower Fiesta

November 2012 - 

December 2012 - 
I shared the pictures from our Legal Ceremony here in Houston

I hope you will all stay along on this journey of mine in 2013!! 


Allison said...

Love your recap! I must have missed your post regarding "dad's" but I am so happy that your mom & your family are happy and feel complete now!

Syndal said...

I just can't tell you enough how absolutely gorgeous you were on your wedding day! I am in love with your dress!

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