Monday, April 30, 2012

Phone Photo Fun!

Ashlee and I are back for...

Link up and come play along with us!

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Here's what's on my phone...

{one of my wrist stacks this week with my new bracelet from Amanda}

{Essie Mod Square}

{my crazy unorganized desk}

{Pixie and Lucy got a surprise from Ms. Jenn}

{another stack this week with my cross bracelet from Etsy}

{cute shoes}

{and another stack from the week with bracelets from Gap}

{sleepy head}

{homemade chicken tortilla soup for dinner Saturday night}

{Lucy was mad I tried to hold her}

{she loves her Vera}

{I was cleaning out my closet and found this :(}

{Daddy's girl}


{headed out yesterday for a birthday party}

{party favor from the bday party... vodka soaked gummy bears}

Come show us what's on your phone this week!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sharing My Love Story

One of my favorite blogging ladies, Heather @ Life With Heather is doing this super cute week of guest bloggers sharing their love story while her and her NEW fiancĂ© celebrate their 6 year anniversary! 

I was so excited when Heather asked me to be a part of it and to share my story!!

Make sure y'all go over to her blog and read our story and leave her some love! 

And tell her a BIG congrats on her engagement!! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Invitations

The next big thing on our list is narrowing down what our invitations will look like. 

I haven't been able to find one type that I like so I'm pretty sure that I'm going to end up having them designed by someone on Etsy. I've exchanged emails with a couple of people and I *think* we know who we are going to use. 

I want it to show our destination without screaming BEACH WEDDING. I know I've mentioned this before, but no starfish or seashells for me! 

These are some my inspiration invites that I love! 

I love the simplicity of this one and the teal chevron almost looks like waves...

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

I am in love with the design on these. I love the one with the teal and pink obvs.

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

Love the spanish on this one! "Hola Amigos Y Familia!"

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

I really love the design on this one too, except in different colors. Love the pockets as well.

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

The boarding pass invite. Says destination wedding without the typical beachy theme. I really like the luggage tag RSVP too.

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

Another type of boarding pass invite. LOVE how the RSVP is perforated.

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

Which do you like best? 

I have 2 in here that are my favorite and I'm pretty sure I'm incorporating both of them into the one I'm getting designed. 

But you'll have to wait until December to see :) 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Phone Photo Fun!

Link up and come play along with us!

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Here's what's on my phone...

{this is what a breakfast party at work looks like... homemade tamales and breakfast tacos!}

{and of course Sprinkles cupcakes}

{got this in the mail :(}


{stopped in Chinatown for a cherry slushy with mixed fruit jellies, my favorite!}

{stop taking pics mom!}

{too many pregnant students...}

{the bad weather I drove home from work in on Friday}

{woot woot!!}

{Sundays purchase}

{I have a problem... and I need some more organization!}

{my first snow cone of the season, wedding cake with cream!}

Link up to show us what's on your phone this week!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by 2 lovely ladies for this game so I I've got to answer some questions for y'all!

These were from Megan...

1. What is YOUR worst bad habit?
*biting my finger nails...gross

2. What bad habits drive YOU crazy?
*When people talk with food in their mouth. 2 ladies do this at work and it drives me crazy!

3. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
*Not gonna lie, my weight. I know I CAN do something about this, but I'm lazy. And I love food too much

4. Clean or messy?
*hate to admit it, but messy. My house is generally picked up, but not clean.

5. One thing you miss about being a kid?
*holidays with my family, mainly Christmas. It's hard when you have to split your time between 2 families in different cities

6. Favorite song of all time?
*This is REALLY hard. George Straight "I Cross My Heart" is a song I've always loved and will sing my heart out too when it comes on the radio

7. If you could meet a genie in a bottle, what would be your 3 wishes?
*to win the lottery (really who wouldn't want that?)
*to have my Cotton back all healthy
*to find a job I love (i.e. stay at home mom ;))

8. What would you have as your last meal?
*carbs carbs carbs

9. Favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon?
*this time of year, lay by the pool.

10. Favorite workout?
*Did you read #3 up there? I'm not much of a worker outer ;) But when I do I just enjoy walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical. 

I was also tagged by Sunni Dae and these were her questions...
1. What is your favorite food?
*Again, carbs carbs carbs.

Source: via Lamia on Pinterest

2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
*I would love to live in NYC for a couple of years before we have a family but that's not really realistic for us, so Ft. Worth is my second choice :)

3. What is your dream job?
*Stay at home mom. I said it. I hope this can come true one day.

4. Do you want a BIG family or small one?
*John and I both agree on 2 kids

5. Do you prefer Cats, Dogs, or other?
*do you have to ask this? ;) What do ya think?

6. If you could write a letter to your 16 year old self what would you say?
*Don't be stupid. Your 12th grade boyfriend isn't your soul mate. Listen to your parents. Cherish your friendships. Things change so much once you're out of high school. 

7. If you had a super power what would it be?
*To fly? hmmm I've never really thought about it actually. I guess flying would be good in Houston because of all the traffic ;) 

8. Do you wear white before labor day?
*of course! Because before labor day is summer!!

9. CDs or MP2/iPod?
*Both! I listen to CD's in my car still and will plug my iPhone in and listen to the mp3's as well.

10. Sperry's, TOMS, or flip flops?
*All 3? Seriously, I've worn all 3 of these shoes in the past week. If I HAD to choose one, it'd be flip-flops. Just because I'm in Texas and I can wear flip flops 10 months out of the year ;)

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

Pretty much everyone has already been tagged at this so I'm just going to leave it at that! 

Have a great Thursday!

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