Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's OK!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

*to use all my vacation days this summer in order to save my mental health. I'll get 2 more weeks starting in August to use for the wedding ;)

*to worry about ruining our friends wedding pictures because I hate the way I look in the bridesmaid dress. But I will say it's motivation for me to get my butt in gear for my wedding dress in December

*to book a last minute summer vacation to the beach because waiting until December just isn't acceptable!

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

*to not be on every form of social media. This month away from Twitter has been amazing and with a lot less drama. I am staying away longer than I originally planned. 

*to be upset with people you love. Now I just have to figure out how to handle it.
Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

*that I look at our engagement pictures 4 times a day. They really are THAT good. And you'll get to see them soon! Here's a little sneak ;)

{courtesy of Fleurish Imagery}

*to explore other job options. I have to remember to do what I think makes me happy. Not what the principal NEEDS.

What are you saying it's ok to this week?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phone Photo Fun - a day late

Sorry I didn't get all my pictures up yesterday! Sunday was a late night and I didn't have time to upload my pictures from the week! 

So, here are my pictures from the week via my iPhone....

{bought my ticket to see Megan in Charleston this summer!}

{I've been on the road for work a lot so I stopped in at BWW and got a good lunch!}

{Ulta Cream of the Crop}

{We officially have 20 guests at our wedding! And more to book soon!}

{Our HOA put up flags around the neighborhood}

{OOTD Saturday, Chambray and coral crops}

{awesome little pizza place, Top It Pizza}

{and of course dessert... more toppings than froyo!}

{love this pic of Lucy!}

Hope everyone has a great short week!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Phone Photo Fun!

I didn't get time to put my whole post together with all my pics from the week but I wanted to go ahead and post the link up for anyone who still wanted to link up!! 

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and Happy Memorial Day! 

Hopefully I'll get to post all my fun pics tomorrow! :) 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bachelorette Fun!

This past weekend was the Bachelorette Party for Maria! She is marrying Dan June 24th and John and I are both in the wedding. 

I've been banned from putting some of the pictures on the internet, but I wanted to share some our fun in Austin! 

We rented a house in Austin so all of us could stay together. Even though we weren't in downtown, it was nice to have a whole house for the night with multiple bathrooms to get ready! 

We started the day with a small lingerie shower....

And what's a bachelorette party without penis cookies?

{the bride and Summer}

{me and the bride ready for 6th street!}

After we all go ready we took a cab downtown and started with chips and queso, pitchers of margaritas and tequila shots.

After our appetizer we went to Esthers Follies. This was so funny and I'm so glad we decided to do this!

After the show at Esthers, we had planned on eating at Iron Cactus, but we were sick of Mexican food after our lunch at Torchy's Tacos and our appetizers earlier so we stopped in at a random pizza place on 6th street...

And then it was time to hit up the bars...

But not before Jenn met up with us! :)

I found some pretty random pictures on my phone the next morning... I'm not sure why I took a picture of these pickles...

And after this picture was taken is when Maria got on the mechanical bull which I have a completely hilarious video of but I will not embarrass her ;) 

And at the last bar of the night, somehow we ended up with a bottle of champagne...

And you know it was an epic bachelorette party when the there was vomiting and getting kicked out of a bar involved... ;) 

Maria, I hope you had a fabulous weekend in Austin!! We are so excited for your big day in just a few weeks! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Bouquet Inspiration

I know I've said this a gazillion times, but seriously... How did people plan weddings before pinterest?

I've gotten so many great ideas from Pinterest including a lot of my bouquet/flower ideas!

These are some of my favorites...

Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

I want to stick with the majority pink flowers with a few orange/green accents. I also plan on buying teal ribbon that matches the bridesmaid dresses to wrap around the base like the last picture.

The flowers are one of those details that can't really be finalized until we get there. It's nice because I don't have to stress bout meeting with a florist, but it's also hard not knowing!

I received a booklet from the resort with the flower choices and I am not totally in love with 1 of them, but there is one that I'm thinking will be my "base" and have them change it up a bit...

Except less yellow and green and a lot more pink :) 

So what do y'all think of my choice? Will they look good with the teal bridesmaid dresses? 

Less than 7 months to go!!

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