Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday Weekend

This weekend I...

Celebrated my birthday!!!! 

Saturday was my birthday but we started celebrating on Thursday night with dinner at Chuys. I had their "psycho sangria" :)

John also found a bakery by his work that makes the New York rainbow cookies I wanted so he brought those home for me.

And my present from my mom and Tim came in the mail!!!

Friday after work John treated me to a shellac mani and pedi from my favorite nail place.

Friday night John and I had my special birthday dinner with just the 2 of us at Taste of Texas! 

John also gave me my birthday present... I've been driving John crazy with the fact that I wanted double wedding bands, one for each side of my engagement ring. Well, he got me the 2nd one as my birthday present! I can't wear it yet of course, but I am SO excited because I wanted this so bad!! It just love the way it looks!!! He went ahead and ordered both bands and his band too...

Saturday morning I woke up to kitty snuggles :)

Then we went to Dan and Maria's house to watch the Tech game. 


Then we went out to City Centre to celebrate mine and Dan's birthday! 
We had dinner at Cyclone Anayas, then went to a small bar next door to the Comedy Show we went to while we were waiting on it to start. 

Then Sunday (after waking up with a small hangover) we went to John's parents for a homemade dinner and cookie cake. 

And what's a post on my blog without cute kitty pictures??

I had an amazing birthday this year! Thanks to John, all our friends and our families for helping make this year so special! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Source: via Savanah on Pinterest

What's better than cat birthday pictures?? 

Happy Birthday to me :) 

Happy Saturday y'all!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

So Long 28

I can't believe today is my last day of being 28 and it's already time for another birthday (and I'm another year closer to 30)

My 28th year has been pretty freaking fantastic! There were some ups and a big down, but overall, this year was great to me!

So, I thought I would do a little recap of what all happened in this 28th year of my life! 

1. I started off celebrating with a yummy dinner with my mom, sister, John, and his family

2. Then celebrated with my birthday twin, Dan, at our house watching Texas Tech football and eating Sprinkles cupcakes

3. I got to go to my first Cowboys (and first NFL) game!

4. We got engaged!!!

5. We spent Christmas in NYC

6. I had my first 6th Street experience in Austin and made some life long friends along the way

7. We lost my boy Cotton

8. I celebrated 5 years of being a nurse

9. We relived our first date and took engagement pictures at the zoo

10. I visited Megan in Charleston

11. We celebrated 2 good friends getting married

12. I visited New Orleans for the first time

13. We spent a week on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama

14. I had a breast reduction

15. We had a Fiesta Couples Shower

And here I am back at October 26th, the day before my birthday.

I'm pretty sure that tomorrow is going to start the best year of my life :)

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