Monday, January 7, 2013

Cancun: Day 5 and 6

Monday was wedding day!! Me, the bridesmaids, both of our moms and my Grannie all went to breakfast together and to the salon for our hair and makeup! The photographer didn't start with us until later on in the day so Celie was the designated photographer since she was doing her hair and makeup herself.

After we were all finished getting our hair and makeup done we went back to my suite, the bridesmaids got dressed and we waited for the photographer! I'm not going to post many pictures from the rest of the day just because I have a separate post with all of our professional pictures to show y'all. John and I did a "first look" but with out actually seeing each other.. I'm sure you've seen those pictures on Pinterest where you hold each others hands on opposite sides of the door. Him and the groomsmen and the dads all came in our room when we did that so we definitely had a full house in there! It was so much fun though to see everyone (except John!) before the wedding and it definitely calmed my nerves! 

{watching the ceremony get set up from the balcony}

{waiting on John to come to the room}

{last minute hairspray!}

{0 days left!}

Ok, that's all you get to see of the wedding!!! You'll see more soon from the photographer! :) After the ceremony we all went to the beach to take pictures and then after that, John and I went to the lobby to take more pictures of just us as the sun was setting. Then at 5:30 it was reception time. I can't wait to show you those pics :) 

The next day we did the Trash The Dress!!! I thought this was so fun and I highly recommend doing this!!! It gives you a chance to put your dress on again and it's even better when an ocean and pool are involved ;) Again, I've got a whole separate post for the professional pictures but here are a few that were captured on cell phones... 

{with our amazing photographer!}

After the trash the dress we had to say goodbye to alot of our guests. All of my family and all of our friends left this day. It was pretty sad because we had been with all of them since Thursday! But we were also looking forward to having some time to ourselves. We had lunch and then went to the spa! We had some spa treatments included in our package so we went for a massage and a facial on Tuesday. John wasn't really a fan of the massage, but I enjoyed it! The spa had some nice facilities so we stayed there for awhile in their pool. 

After our spa day we went to the regular pool for awhile, then got ready for dinner. While we were gone during the day, the wedding coordinator delivered all of our wedding stuff to our room including our centerpieces! We spread them throughout the room to enjoy them for the next few days :) Oh, and our room got "honeymooned" again too! We had dinner with all of John's family at the Italian restaurant and then said all of our goodbyes to them since they were all leaving the next morning. After dinner we went back to our room and drank champagne and used the jacuzzi on our patio! 

Day 7-10 (and the story of why we were there 10 days instead of 9) coming up soon!! :)


Jodi said...

Your grandmother is adorable! I love the bridesmaid's dresses. So pretty. The color is great! I love your sister's belt/flower w/ it too. Such a nice touch!

Lauren said...

beautiful! This makes me want a destination wedding! :)

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I am LOVING all your wedding posts!! I was a destination bride myself!! I soo wish I would have done a trash the dress photo session but I had never heard of it 4 (almost) long years ago!!


Nikki said...

Everything looks gorgeous. I love the colors you chose and your flowers are beautiful!!!

Carolyn R said...

So pretty!!! :) I love how you got to put your wedding centerpieces around the whole room!

I can't wait to see the professional pictures!

Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants said...

I've said it once and I'll say it again... Destination is the way to go. You have me convinced. You know, for that day in my life that is likely to never come. haha

Nichole said...


Meg Cady said...

Love love loveeeee it all!

Cant wait to hear about the rest!

Altax said...

Looks Great!!! Happy new year.

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