Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cancun: Day 7-10

Wednesday morning we had a "romantic breakfast in bed" that was part of our honeymoon package. It really wasn't any different than a normal room service breakfast. John served it to me in bed tough ;) Then we ended up back at the beach and pool the rest of the day! After our beach day we decided to spend the evening in the room and just order room service for dinner so we wouldn't have to get all fancied up for dinner. Blow drying my hair every day was getting old! haha! We ended up getting a movie from the concierge and fell asleep watching it after our room service dinner.

Thursday was our last full day at the resort. We got up pretty early and went to the buffet for breakfast. We had another spa treatment scheduled. We got a full body scrub! It was so nice!! Then we ate lunch and got back in the pool. After we left the pool we decided to go up to the wedding coordinators office to ask when we would get our DVD from the videographer. When we were talking there we saw the photographer and she told us our pictures were done! So we went with her to the photo place and got to see all of our wedding photos for the first time. I had tears in my eyes watching our slide show she put together! We were there for probably 2 hours picking which photos we wanted. I wanted all of them, but they charge an arm and a leg for extra pictures so we had to narrow it down. After that we headed to our room and got ready for dinner at the Mexican restaurant.

Friday morning we took in the last bit of our All Inclusive and ordered room service for breakfast. We finished packing everything, went back to the wedding office and picked up our DVD (which I will post a link too soon!) then went back to our room and watched it of course! We ordered room service again for lunch since the van wasn't picking us up until 1:40 and then it was time to check out and head to the airport! 

And here's why we ended up having to stay an extra night... 

We got to the airport with plenty of time. We had upgraded our seats to first class so we walked right up to the counter in the first class line and get out our passports. I had over mine with my immigration form and then John pulls out his.... no immigration form. 

The funny part is, he did this last time we went to Cancun. We had no idea we were supposed to keep it then. I just happened to have mine but he didn't so he had to go fill out a new one. It took about 15 minutes. 

So, this time when it happened, we didn't think it was a big deal. I went ahead and checked in and checked all 3 of our big suitcases and he went off with his backpack to get another form. I guess in the last 2 years policies have changed and now you have to pay for this form which requires you go to a bank in another terminal. So he left me in our terminal with our carry on bags and my wedding dress (and me in a 'Just Married' shirt), still not really thinking it was a big deal. 

I turned my phone on so he could call me just incase and of course, he calls and tells me he isn't going to make it back. The lines over in the other terminal were too long. I went back up to the counter in tears knowing we're probably going to miss our flight and hearing that our flight was the last one to Houston for the night was just icing on the cake!! :( Our flight left at 4:20 and he finally made it back to our terminal a little after 4. In the mean time, I had already changed our flights to the next morning and begged them to get our luggage that we checked off the plane. I was very disappointed with United because they could have cut us some slack, but no, we had to pay $300 in change fees on top of the money we had already paid to upgrade our seats to first class. 

So when John got back we were on his phone looking for a hotel room for the night. Of course all the ones close to the airport were booked. We found one in downtown Cancun because that's where the United lady suggested because it was semi-close to the airport and it was pretty cheap. We got it all booked and then waited for our luggage. When they pulled it off the plane, it went through arrivals so it had to go back through Mexican Customs. They wouldn't let us in for security reasons so a United lady had to take all 3 of them through customs just like she was arriving to the country. This took forever and then we had to get a cab to the hotel. We were put on a shuttle with other people and they were all going to the hotel zone so of course, it took them first. We would have been better off just getting an all inclusive in the hotel zone for the night. We finally made it to our hotel around 7pm and let me just say, I've seen downtown Cancun and I don't ever want to go back! Luckily there was a restaurant inside the hotel so we could eat because there was no way we were leaving! Luckily the check in guy spoke English, but the menu in the restaurant was in Spanish and the waitress only spoke Spanish. We ordered nachos and quesadillas, the only things on the menu that we knew! haha! 

The taxi picked us up at the hotel at 4am Saturday morning, we made it to the airport with BOTH immigration forms and got on our plane and headed home at 7am. I don't think I've ever been so happy to go home from a vacation! 

I don't have any pictures during this because I was so stressed out unfortunately! We did do a couple of videos for our Story Mix Cameras though! I'm glad we at least go that to document the craziness. 

Here is the video we took in the hotel room Friday night...

And that was our 10 day Mexican vacation/Destination Wedding!! We had so much fun and can't believe it's already over. We know nothing like this will ever happen again where both of our family's are together in one spot like this so it's kind of bittersweet knowing it's over. It all went by way too fast. Like I said, I'm going to post all the professional wedding pictures and the link to our video that was taken by the resort videographer, as well as the storymix video once it's done! I will also do a full review of our resort and our destination wedding as a whole. 

Can't wait to share the rest!


Jodi said...

I am not a fan of United. I had big problems w/ them in Nov when I flew home from Katie's wedding. So frustrating. All in all your trip looks amazing. I hope you are happy that you did a destination wedding. It looks like it was a great time!

Mrs. Williams {Persnickety Plates} said...

What a terrible finale! But those pics of you in his glasses are so cute! I love corny pics ;)

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Alright, you have me convinced. When I get married, I'm running off to Mexico! That is awesome that you got your pictures before you left! And what were those little green shots, they look amazing!

Wine and Summer said...

Your trip looks absolutely amazing! (besides the flight part) You have me convinced I need to take a trip there asap!

Kathryn said...

I've loved looking at all your pictures. Glad you made it home. Customs stuff always makes me nervous. I know you've probably mentioned it before, but what resort did y'all stay at?

Katie said...

I've LOVED seeing all your pics and reading the recaps. It sounds like an amazing time, and I'm glad it was so wonderful!! (Even though there was a hiccup at the end... Boo.)

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