Monday, February 4, 2013

12/17/12: Family and Wedding Party Pictures

Previous wedding picture posts: 

After the ceremony and our champagne, we took 2 group shots in front of the wedding gazebo. These are 2 of my favorite pictures (especially the second one) because it has everyone in it and shows we have so many people that love and support us! 

After the group picture we all went down to the beach and took family pictures and pictures with the wedding party. The rest of our wedding guests waited at the beach bar and were able to watch us take pictures while enjoying their cold drinks ;) We also had a mariachi band playing during this time at the bar and it was a huge hit with everyone!! Totally worth it!

{John's family}

{My family}

{Take 1 at the jump}

{Take 2... no this is not photo shopped! We have it on video!}

Do you see the rainbow in the last picture??? I didn't even realize there was a rainbow until we were almost done taking pictures, but luckily our photographer saw it and got tons of pictures of John and I with it coming up in the next post!

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a video of the mariachi band one of our guests caught on video! 


Kenj said...

Your wedding was gorgeous! Along with everyone and yourself. I love the last one and the faint rainbow! Beautiful!

Ashley Barnhill said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture!!!

Carolyn said...

Such pretty pictures! :) I love the one of ALL of you together! So cute!

docksidelove said...

I am SO in love with your whole wedding! Seriously. So gorgeous.
And I can't wait to see more pictures with the rainbow :) Love it!

jessica renee said...

SO SO gorgeous!!! Gosh I wish you would have just invited me! hahaha I love seeing all of your pictures and the bright colors and y'alls smiling faces!! Happiest wedding ever!

Vicki said...

Beautiful! Seeing your photos make me miss my wedding!

Jenn said...

ABSOLUTELY gorgeous wedding! The colors, the setting, the people- everything is just beautiful. Makes me want a beach wedding :)

Limitless Reader said...

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