Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12/17/12: The Reception - Part 1

Previous wedding picture posts: 

I'm dividing the reception up in to 2 parts since ultimately that's what happened on that day anyway! 

My mom got our introductions on video so I'll share that with y'all first! (I have no idea why this video is showing so big though!) It took me FOREVER to pick our music and our introduction song was one of them that I just had no clue what to use. After searching wedding boards and popular music lists we decided on Pit Bull "Give Me Everything."

Right after our introductions we went straight in to our first dance. I've known for a long time what our first dance song would be, but I did give John a chance to listen to it and decide if that's what he wanted or not. We agreed and chose Chantal Kreviazuk "Feels Like Home." My mom got part of this on video too so here you go :)

After our first dance, my step dad prayed, we had a Mexican buffet for dinner and then my sister and John's best friend, Kevin did their Maid of Honor/Best Man Toasts. 

Then it was time to cut the cake! We got a little crazy with it but nothing too bad ;) We had a layer of vanilla cake and a layer of tres leches cake. The little I had was delicious! John's mom actually still raves about how great the cake was which really makes me happy! The song we had playing while we cut the cake was Taylor Swift "Today Was a Fairytale." This is on our weddingmix video so you'll get to see it when we get it back!

After we cut the cake, it was time to party! By this time, it had gotten pretty windy and I could start to feel the sprinkles. I just tried not to worry about it, but in the back of my mind, I had a very bad feeling. At one point they asked me if we wanted to move everything inside and I said no, let's wait to see if it goes away. But, it didn't :( I knew when I saw my Grannie covering up with the table cloth and people putting napkins over their head we needed to go inside.

{Oh yes, Gangnam Style!}

{the final picture outside. Check out my Grannie with the table cloth over her! ha}

They moved us in to the lobby while they set up a ballroom for us to continue with the dancing. There was a harp player in the lobby and there were quite a few people in there and our wedding pretty much took over. After walking all the way back up to the lobby in the rain, I just lost it once we got in there. I was so upset that all the work that I had done and all the little details were ruined. Everyone calmed me down and I saw everyone still having fun which made me realize, it didn't matter if it was raining. We were married and everyone was making the best of the situation!!

So anyway, there was a harp player in there and everyone decided to dance to it's music while we were waiting on the ballroom. I'm so glad Anel was there with us to get it on camera!

{I love this picture of my Grannie}

And then it was off to the ballroom! 


docksidelove said...

Aw, such GORGEOUS pictures. I love the smiles on yours and hubbies face during the first dance. You can just feel the love oozing from you all :)
I would have done EXACTLY what you did when it started sprinkling especially because of all the work. But you totally had the right attitude - everyone had an amazing time no matter what!! Glad you guys made the best of it :)

Krystal said...

So much to love here! :)

Lauren said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to read more!

Caroline said...

Your wedding is BEAUTIFUL! So happy for you and your new husband :) You guys look so tremendously and genuinely thrilled - this is so exciting!

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