Wednesday, February 6, 2013

12/17/12: The Video

Since I've shared all of our ceremony and group photos, I thought I would go ahead and share the video we got that includes all of that!

We got a 30 minute video included in our wedding package and I was very pleased with how it turned out, especially since it was included! The videographer got there before the ceremony and stayed with us on the beach taking our group photos. We had never met him before and didn't give him any direction on what we wanted for the video.

We got to pick up our video on Friday before we left the resort and of course we went back to our room and watched it while we ordered room service for lunch. I teared up watching it for the first time and still do to this day. (yes, I've watched it over and over again!)

We wanted to be able to share it with everyone so John uploaded it to vimeo but because we don't have the right software it's got a big watermark on it and the quality went down. But, I still wanted to share with all of you just because pictures don't do the whole scene justice. It is a 30 minute long video so I'll be shocked if you make it all the way through, but I hope you will! :)

I've mentioned before that we used StoryMix Media for our other Wedding Video and I'll be sharing that video as soon as it's ready and doing a full review of that process! 


Meghan said...

Wow! That's beautiful! Watched the entire thing, you guys are awesome together!

Kristyn said...

I love your video! Are you happy you have that? I really wanted to have a video, so we are paying for it ourselves. I love it!

I have another question. I really liked what you were saying when you were exchanging rings. Would you mind letting me know if you have exactly what was said with your ring ceremony? I would love to use it at our wedding. It was beautiful!

Thanks Savanah.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

LOVE THIS!!! Gorgeous! Such a wonderful wedding! So happy for you! I remember when we were exchanging emails about destination weddings!

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