Monday, February 25, 2013

Meatball Buns

Superbowl parties mean lots of food! We were invited to a friends house for the part and while we usually do very low effort food (like ordering pizza) I decided that I would put all my new kitchen stuff to use and actually make something. I searched pinterest and of course it delivered.... Meatball Buns!

Original recipe found here

Who doesn't love meatballs, cheese and biscuits? I know I do! And they seemed pretty easy too! 

1 can Pillsbury Golden Layers Biscuits - each pulled in to 2 layers
10 frozen fully cooked Italian style meatballs - thawed and cut in half
2 sticks parmesan cheese - each cut in to 10 pieces
grated parmesan cheese
dried basil
dried oregano
garlic powder
cracked black pepper
marinara sauce

Preheat oven to 375
Separate the biscuits in to 2 layers so you should have 20 pieces
Cut the string cheese in to 10 pieces each
Thaw the meatballs and cut in half 
Add one meatball half and 1 stringcheese piece to each biscuit
Wrap the dough around it and seal the edges
Put in a round pan, seal down
Season the buns with pepper, basil oregano, garlic powder and parmesan cheese
Bake uncovered at 375 until golden brown
Serve with marinara sauce

A few notes from me: 
I thawed the meatballs in the microwave
I used generic italian seasoning instead of the basil and oregano
Cut the string cheese long ways first and then cut in to pieces. The thinner the pieces, the better they melt. 

These ended up being a HIT! They smelled so good and it was hard not to keep eating them before we got to the party. Every one loved them and they all got eaten quick! I'm glad we bought stuff to make 2 batches of them because 1 wouldn't have been enough. If you have a large party I would definitely recommend more than 1 batch! 

Another pinterest success! 

i love you more than carrots

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Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I want those NOW!!! They look and sound delic!! I shall find a reason to make them ASAP!!

Lauren said...

Those look sooo good!

Ashley Barnhill said...

a) LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design!!!!
b) I need these in my stomach right now.. look sooooo good!

Meredith said...

these look very yummy and simple!!

Whitney said...

How cool! These look delicious.

Amanda Wissmann said...


Mmk thanks!


Holly said...

Those looks so delicious!

Sarah said...

Wonderful! What a hit when friends recently came over! THANKS!

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