Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Picture Dump!

Well, do I have a major picture overload for y'all today or what?! I need to do these picture dump posts more often so I don't have to post 50 pictures in one post!! But I can't not post these, so here they are! 

{morning kitty snuggles}

{going to dinner with John's parents}

{thank you cards thanks to shutterfly}

{we tried having dinner at the table, but we had a visitor who wanted some food too}


{got my bulletin board prettied up at work!}

{Legal at work finally!}

{Austin blogger meet up I went to a few weekends ago}

{stopped at Buc-ee's with Emily for road trip snacks}

{The girls missed me while I was gone to Austin all day!}

{brunching on a Sunday}

{chasing a bug inside the lamp shade}

{almost made it to 30 without ever being summoned!}

{broke down and straightened my hair}

{superbowl grilling}

{cheering for Crabtree in the Super Bowl}

{registering at Macy's paid off!!}

{tickets bought!!!!}

{got the itch to cut my hair off and this was my inspiration}

[and here it is!}

{pink shellac mani ready for Valentines Day}

{she was having fun with my belt}

Also, remember that if you participated in the Valentines Day Swap, make sure to link up your goodies tomorrow! Here's the button if you want to use it in your post!


Jodi said...

I'm going to NKTOB in Boston in June. So fun!

Catherine said...

I adore those thank you cards & I love your new do!

Ashley Barnhill said...

Still obsessed with the hair cut! It looks so good on you!

Libby said...

Your thank you cards are super adorable. I'm going to see the NK's in June in Orlando,I cant wait!!! :) Have fun!

Lauren said...

Love your pink shellac polish! So pretty! And that ring is blinging too!

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