Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Some days you just have to have these random posts right?

- Don't forget to enter the Marrygrams giveaway I have going on until tonight! If you are a bride, you'll really want to check it out! You can find that post here!

- I've decided to start taking button swaps again so let me know if you are interested! Click the link below :)
sponsor me!

- I've also decided to sponsor a few blogs. I only want to sponsor blogs that I feel like would give me exposure and who actually read my blog and preferably have more followers than me. Do you take sponsors? Do you sponsor blogs? Help a girl out and tell me your favorites!

- Alot of you have been asking for the Trash The Dress pictures so the first set of those are coming up TOMORROW! I promise it will be worth the wait ;) 

- I have been considering doing some design work for wedding related items like I did for our wedding. I had so much fun doing our DIY projects and would love to help out any of you if you are interested! I can do the Do Not Disturb signs, welcome brochures, any kind of tags like the maraca ones seen below, etc. I'll do several orders for free just to get started and get more practice! 

- I am so ready for Spring Break. Only the rest of this week and next week and then I'll be off for 9 days! This is one of the reasons why it will be REALLY hard for me to leave the school system!! 

- John and I contacted our travel agent to book our anniversary trip back to Mexico!!! We get a a couple of free nights at any Dreams since we got married there, so we are looking at a few of our options! I can't wait. I need to be back on a beach bad but this time with no wedding to plan!

- Make sure to check out my new tabs up at the top. I've been updating away since I got my new design! :)

And that's it for this Tuesday! Have a great day y'all! 




Jodi said...

That is awesome that you are already planning a 1 year anniversary trip! So fun to go back to the place you were married.

Can't wait for the trash the dress photos.

Sarah Tucker said...

Can't wait for the trash the dress!

Rebekah said...

I can't wait for the trash the dress pictures! All of your DIY stuff is seriously so cute. That's so neat that you're already planning your anniversary trip! That will be so fun!

Helene said...

you should do design work- you are talented!! and I love sponsoring blogs! it's been great for me. I take sponsors and love it!

Lisette said...

Carpe diem! Go ahead and do design! You'll be surprised at what you can do when you set your mind to it! Thanks for linking up!

Blue Dog Belle said...

I'm kind of obsessed with your blog design! So cute!!!

xo, Emily

Catalyn H said...

I wanna go to Mexico!! Sounds like it will be an amazing anniversary.

Thanks for linking up!


Allie @ Between Dreams said...

hey, darling! found you via the blog hop and have had so much fun taking a look around your blog.

as for sponsoring...i tend to sponsor blogs that i believe in and just would like to support... whether they're bigger/smaller/whatever... there's nothing wrong with spreading some love for people you genuinely believe in.

Tiff said...

We aren't even married and are planning our first anniversary trip! I love all the DIY you did for the wedding. I'm working on a whole bunch myself. We could also be job twins! I'm a school SLP, but looking to leave (I'll miss those spring breaks and summers off though)

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