Tuesday, March 19, 2013

12/17/12: Guest Pictures

Because everyone was on their own vacation for our wedding, of course cameras were out!! I created a Shutterfly share account where everyone could upload their pictures after the wedding for everyone to see and I'm so glad I did that!! I saved all the pictures out of there and now I have all the pictures that were taken by almost everyone. I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that weren't caught on my camera or by the photographer at the wedding. 


Emily and Brad // In the nightclub // momma trying to tell Celie how to get ride of hiccups // me and Emily

tequila! // John's cousins at dinner // me and John and dinner // more tequila!

all of John's aunts, uncles, and family at dinner

all of John's cousins and sisters

John's aunt, uncle and nannie at breakfast

me and Emily // John's mom and Janet // Bubbakegging it! // almost the newlyweds!

John's family and Janet // John's cousin and my step brother // John and his childhood best friend, Casey // Celie, Christine and Kalon playing cards




The reception pictures that our family/friends got are some of my favorites! So candid and so much fun!!

Did you use a photo share site for your wedding?

Helene in Between



Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Some of the pictures my friends and family took were my absolute favorites! I'm loving that you can see all the love and fun that was had!

Helene said...

oh this is GORGEOUS!!! destination weddings definitely have the most beautiful photos. love this!

Michael said...

Still such a gorgeous wedding. You're glowing, hubs is looking adorable, the dress is beautiful, I love the colors... just perfect!

Question though, what did you do with the dress after you trashed it?

Jess said...

Gorgeous wedding (and vacation) photos! Such a lovely setting to tie the knot in!

My Travel Tuesday Post

Samantha Hunt said...

GORGEOUS dress, pictures, everything! You look like your have a perfect time!

Jodi said...

Your friends/family got some good ones!!'

Madalyn said...

I just stumbled across your blog and instantly began following you! I love that you destinated(?) for your wedding. My husband and I did the same thing about one month prior to your wedding day! We got married in Clearwater - Best decision ever!

I am excited to continue reading about your wedding and life!



Ashley R said...

How awesome! I am a new follower of your blog and I was drawn in by your destination wedding. We had ours in Puerto Rico and it was a blast. Definitely the way to go! I can tell we are kindred spirits. :)

young1989 said...

Hi Savanah - i just want to say what a great blog site you have and that you are one of the main reasons i settled on Dreams as my destination wedding.

i have got lots of ideas and inspiration from your blogs - i just cant seem to find one question i am dying to know - would you have changed anything???

would love to hear your views :)

future Dreams bride 2015

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