Saturday, March 23, 2013

3 Special Birthdays!

There are 3 very special birthdays in the Ryan house today!! 

And it's not my birthday so that only leaves 3 others.... :) 

Happy Birthday Pixie, Lucy and most of all John!!! 

Pixie and John share the same birthday (according to Pixie's adoption papers) and Lucy's is around this week based on her size when we found her, so we celebrate her's today too! 

Pixie and Lucy obviously don't know it's their birthday and I'm not THAT crazy where I have them a party, but I have to acknowledge them. 

Happy Birthday baby girls!!! 

And of course my husbands 29th birthday is a big deal! We're the same age again until October and it's his last year in his 20's!! 

Happy Birthday babe!! I love you and I hope this years birthday is SO wonderful! You do so much for us, even on your birthday weekend, so sit down in your recliner, relax and enjoy your day today!!! I hope you enjoy dinner tonight with all of our friends! Love you!



Heather said...

Happy Birthday to all three of them :)!

Life With Lauren said...

Happy Biethday to all 3!

Holly said...

Happy birthday to them!

Nichole said...

Haha, scrolled fast the first time through and though you legit had hats on the cats and I was like, "HOW did she do that?!", oops...Happy Birthday to them!

Meghan said...

Happy belated birthday to your husband and kitties!

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