Wednesday, April 3, 2013

12/17/12: The Review

All of our wedding posts have finally come to an end so I wanted to share a little review about the whole destination wedding process and the resort we called home for 10 days.

John and I had talked about a destination wedding for some time before we even got engaged. See my pinterest wedding board? Yeah, I started that probably a year before he proposed and the first things on there?  Beach stuff  :) We got home from NYC after the proposal, discussed our options, and looked in to costs of weddings in Houston as well as destination weddings.  That’s when we realized a destination wedding is really what we wanted so we made an appointment to meet with a travel agent.  After a few weeks of back and forth we finally had our date and were set to start with plans.

It took a long time to get everyone on board with the destination wedding. In fact, some people never got on board and didn’t come. It was really upsetting and my feelings were really hurt at first, but we had to remind ourselves that we were going to have our closest family members and friends there with us and that’s what mattered. We wanted the destination wedding and it was US and we couldn’t let anyone tell us any differently or make us change our mind.

Our wedding was almost a year to the day from the day we got engaged and it was a long year of waiting! There’s not a lot of planning you can do ahead of time so I filled up my time with plenty of DIY projects like the welcome bags, decorating, etc.  This was perfect for John and I because the last thing we wanted to do was stress about all those flower and cake appointments and everything else that came along.

Finally December 13th came and it was time to get on the plane to head to Mexico! We ended up with 3 50 lb suitcases, 1 carry on suitcase, 2 carry on bags and a wedding dress! My family flew to Houston that morning with 10 bags between them with some of our stuff and then they flew from Houston to Cancun with us. Planning out the suitcases due to the custom laws was I think the hardest thing about the destination wedding process!

The first 3 days in Mexico were spent finalizing plans with the wedding coordinator, meeting with the DJ and minister, rehearsing, and welcoming our guests. I felt like we were going non-stop! We didn't get to enjoy the beach or pool much, but it was still so much fun! Sunday, the day before the wedding, we were finally able to relax and spend time with everyone at the pool!  We had nothing to do this day and we took advantage of that at the swim up bar ;) The resort gave John his own room this night so I was all alone in our master suite. It was nice to have some quiet time and have time to finish up the cards for John and my parents.

The morning of the wedding I had breakfast with all the bridesmaids, both of our moms and my Grannie. Then we all went to the spa to have our hair and make up done – which was fabulous! They did such a great job on everyones hair and makeup! 3:30 came and it was time to meet my groom at the end of the aisle. You might remember that we were legally married here inHouston before we left, but this didn’t change anything about our wedding day in Mexico. It was the most special, beautiful, amazing day and wish I could go back to that moment coming around the corner to see John every day!!

After the ceremony we went on to the beach to take pictures and our guests followed us and enjoyed some cold beverages at the beach bar. We had a mariachi band playing there and it was SO much fun!! Everyone enjoyed them so much.

After all of our pictures, we went to the pool deck for our reception. You’ve seen the pictures, but I just can’t say it enough how beautiful everything was! I was in shock seeing it all for the first time. Even with the unfortunate rain storm and having to leave all the decorations outside while we moved to the ballroom, it was still perfect.

The day after the wedding we had a trash the dress session which was SO much fun and everyone needs to do this at some point after their wedding! My dress wasn't trashed, it just got wet! And those pictures are some of my favorite ones out of all of them.

All of my family and our friends left the day after the wedding and John's family left the next day. Then it was time for our honeymoon! I had heard of some brides changing resorts but I am so glad we didn't! Dreams was perfect for us and we didn't have to stress about packing everything up and moving.

Overall, our Destination Wedding was perfect!!!! 
Our wedding was a dream come true. That trip was the best 10 days of our lives and it’s bittersweet that it’s all over. John said to me while we were there, “Think about it. Nothing like this is ever going to happen again.” Both of our Grandmothers were there on vacation with us. Most of his aunts and uncles from New York who we rarely see were having drinks with us on the beach. We had dinner with our friends and my family 4 nights in a row. We ran in to cousins walking to the pool. It was just surreal. Everyone says their wedding day was the best day, but we had 10 days of it! Nearly every single person has said that it was the best wedding they had been to. The most fun, the most beautiful, the best. I don’t think I could have asked for a better week.

And none of this would have been possible without our resort, Dreams Riviera Cancun. From the beautiful rooms and the breathtaking view to the delicious food and strong drinks, it was amazing. Everyone made sure that we were happy from the time we checked in to the time we got on the shuttle to go to the airport. I was "The Bride" to all the bartenders and everyone remembered us through the week. Our wedding coordinator, Lorena, made sure we had everything we needed when it came to the wedding and made sure that everything was under control when we had the unexpected rainstorm during the reception. Anel, our photographer, was fantastic! You've see the pictures and I think you all agree with me! This was our 3rd trip to an All-Inclusive resort and this by far was the best one. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone if you are looking for a vacation. 

{Lorena, our wedding coordinator, directing the rehearsal}

{with our photographer, Anel}

And since I found out in Mexico that so many of our family and friends are reading this blog of mine, John and I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for making this week the best of our lives. It wouldn't have been the same without every single one of you there. Now let's do it again in 10 years for a vow renewal shall we?? ;)



rubysnpurls said...

Congrats!!! It looks like it was a wonderful day!

Lauren said...

So fun! I just really love this idea! Even though, I don't think I'm brave enough for it! :)

Jessica said...

So beautiful and you executed it perfectly. Being that I had already started planning mine when I started following your blog, I'm def thinking we need to do our vow renewals destination style! Love it!

Rachel said...

Yay! What a fun and beautiful wedding! Seriously, everything is so pretty and I love all the COLORS! And you looked awesome and all the photos came out so nice! Also, love those shirts you guys wore to the airport! :)

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Oh my gosh that picture with your mom and your dad giving you away.... you look like the happiest bride I have ever seen. All those colors make that an absolutely stunning picture! So pretty!

Ashley R said...

I found myself nodding my head through this post. Particularly the "it felt like we were going non-stop" part. ;) Your wedding was gorgeous! Thanks for sharing everything. :)

Ashley R said...

And the trash the dress looks like a blast!

Heidi said...

Gorgeous! Love the recap and your colors! Aren't the beach pictures so fun?!

Heather said...

I love your recap of your wedding Savanah. I'm so glad that you loved your destination wedding. I've always thought that's what I would want whenever the day comes. You and John both are so lucky to have each other!

Sarah Poliachik said...

Hi Savanah-I'm getting married at DRC in October 10-11-13 and I can't stop reading your blog!! You have so much helpful information and pictures. Thanks for taking the time to blog as it is very helpful for future brides like myself.

Trendi said...

Hi Savannah! My engagement is literally coming up any day haha and I have my heart set on a destination wedding in Mexico. I'm home sick today and have spent the last hour reading all your posts! I'm just wondering, I saw for the save the dates you sent out, what looked like, 100+? How many actually came to the wedding? (Sorry if I missed this if you wrote it in a post). Is it customary to still send save the dates to everyone even if you know they won't come?


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