Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You Aint Met My Texas Yet

Hey everyone! I have the pleasure of co-hosting Texas Tuesday today with Amanda and Crystal today!

Confessions of a Cowboy's Wife
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Have y'all heard the Josh Abbot and Pat Green song 'You Aint Met My Texas Yet'?

Well, I love me some Josh Abbot and I love the song. 

But it got me thinking...

I've lived in Texas for nearly 30 years and haven't done half the stuff in this song. I know. I'm a bad Texan. 

Here are the Lyrics.... 

If you haven't climbed up to Enchanted Rock,
Drank a cold Shiner down in Luckenbach,
Taken your baby to the River Walk,
Then you ain't met My Texas yet.
I've never been to Enchanted Rock (or even know where that is...) and I've never been to Luckenbach. 
I have drank a Shiner before though, yet it's not my beer of choice. 
I HAVE been to the Riverwalk! And John has taken me ;) That was our first "vacation" together after we started dating! 

 If you haven't floated down the Ol' Frio,
Heard Red Dirt music on your radio,
Eaten Cooper's down in Llano,
Then you ain't met My Texas yet.
Y'all, I have never floated the River, Frio or Guadalupe. I know this seriously makes me a bad Texan. 
I've definitely heard red dirt music on the radio ipod, and I love it! We don't have a station for that in Houston like Ft. Worth does!
But, I've never been to Llano!

You haven't been to the Houston rodeo,
Sang "Carry On" at a Pat Green show,
If you ain't seen an Abilene sunset,
Then you ain't met My Texas yet.
DUH on the first one ;)
I've never been to a Pat Green show, but I love Carry On
And I've only driven through Abilene so I don't think I've seen a sunset there.

If you never caught a trout down in Port A,
Heard the words to Corpus Christi Bay,
Never seen fireworks on PK,
Then you ain't met My Texas yet.
I've been to Port A but never been fishin 
I've never heard of Corpus Christi Bay
And I've never seen fireworks on PK Lake, but I've been there before!
I have seen fireworks on Grandbury and Lewisville Lake, does that count?

Havent had a kolache when you go through West,
Never heard of the Larry Jo Taylor fest,
Think polished pop country crap sounds the best,
Then you ain't met My Texas yet.
We drive past the Czech Stop in West every time we go up to Ft. Worth, yet we've never stopped. I will have to next time! 
I have heard of LJT fest, but never been. Seen lots of pics and looks like a big redneck drunk fest ;)
HATE the pop country. Much rather listen to Texas Country anyday!!

You haven't been to the Ft. Worth stock show,
Sang along with Cory Morrow,
You ain't seen a hill country sunset,
Then you ain't met My Texas yet.
DUH on the first one again. Every year since I was born!
Sang along in my car to Cory Morrow, not at a concert
If you consider Austin and San Antonio "hill country" then yes, I've done that. But, I don't consider that true hill country, which means a big fat sad face to this one. This is something that I would love to do with John one day. Go to Fredericksburg, all the winery's, and just get a cabin for a relaxing weekend.

 You say you haven't hiked through Big Bend,
Had your hair blown back by a Lubbock wind,
Been somewhere where they call you "friend",
then you ain't met My Texas yet.
Never been to Big Bend and most definitely had my hair blown by the Lubbock wind, but have never been there during the dust storms like I know they have!
And of course to the last one :)

You haven't been to the San Antone rodeo,
Sang "Everclear" at a Creager show,
If you ain't seen an El Paso sunset,
Then you ain't met My Texas yet
I've never been to the San Antonio Rodeo or El Paso
But I love me the Everclear song ;)

So, after hearing this song, it's made me really want to see what Texas is all about! I know these things are REAL Texas and I need to see/do them soon! 



Lauren said...

Very cute post! I want to visit Texas soon! :)

Courtney@SDB said...

You've never heard the song Corpus Christi Bay??!!

I love this song too! Love everything from JAB and PG.

Meg Cady said...

Floating the Frio is a MUST... some of the best times right there!!!

Seriously love thisssss! (also sonds like you got some planning to do :) )

Rachel said...

Cool post! I've never done any of those things either...although I'm not a Texan so I guess that's ok!

Mason's Mama said...

Love love love this song! It’s my “Texas Bucket List” song! We are hoping to go to Enchanted Rock, Llano and Luckenbach this Summer. We’ve floated the Guadalupe, but not the Frio. Love that picture of you in that adorable outfit!! My hubby has been to the Ft Worth Stock Show/Rodeo every year since he’s been born…I’ve been the last 17 years with him, and our little guy has been since he was born!!

Cori H. said...

I fell in love with Texas after going to Houston and San Antonio last month. So far I've only been to Amarillo, Houston, and San Antonio, but I would love to see more of the state. Just seeing the Riverwalk picture made me miss it!

Kathryn said...

Sounds like you have some exploring to do! Love Pat Green, and I think it's really cools that this song is all about Texas "stuff."

Allison said...

The West Czech Stop is SOO GOOD!!!! Trust me! We stop every time we're on the way to Dallas from Temple. I have had way too many kolaches come into my belly :)

Also, the Enchanted Rock is a fun place to visit. Y'all should go!

Heidi said...

Wow I love this link up and it's making me miss TX big time! I've never heard this song, but I must check it out.
Definitely float the river once in your life! So much fun! The Hill Country in Fredericksburg and the surrounding area is a little slice of heaven.:)

Katie said...

Love this!! Obviously I'm not Texan, but I haven't done any of these! Haha. I've been to the FW rodeo-- does that count?? :)

Lisa said...

I came from Masons Mama! Your blog is so cute! I live in Houston too!

Ashley Barnhill said...

What a unique post!! And enchanted rock is right by Fredericksburg. :)

Emily said...

I LOVE this post, and I am checking off what I have done...love love love Texas

Casey said...

I've never been to Texas, but I have heard that I would love Austin. That river float looks so fun!

Amber said...

Ahhh, I love this song so much. Makes me wanna go through and plan when to get all of these things done!

jessica said...

Love love this post!!! I always feel like such a bad Texan too! So many of these are on my TX bucket list so I guess we have some work to do! ;)

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