Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Friday

Dear Blue Nile - I love you, but I hate having to put my engagement ring in the mail to go all way the way to Seattle! Talk about a nervous wreck until it gets back on my finger!

Dear Engagement Ring - So glad to have you back! You're almost as sparkly as the first day John put you on my finger!

Dear Sister - Thanks for coming and visiting this weekend! And thanks for blowing out my hair. It's always nice to have a good hair day for a few days after a blow out :)

Dear Pinterest - You've been spot on with recipes lately! Another favorite in this house that I'll be sharing next week on the blog!

Dear House Cleaners - Thanks for making our house nice and sparkly clean this week!

Dear Pixie - Just because you're ready to wake up doesn't mean I am!

Dear John - Are you sure you won't let me be a permanent stay at home wife? This week was awfully nice and relaxing ;)




Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Oh no! What did you have to send your ring back for?

Emily said...

Oh it was pure TORTURE when I had to send my ring in last year--two weeks is way too long to be wearing just a wedding band!

And I'm jealous of your pool day--I'm hoping for one this weekend! Do you like the new StrawBERitas? I haven't tried them yet, and am dying to!

Cayla said...

Oh girl, I hear ya on the ring thing! Mine has another week and a half and I am just freaking out! And love your bedding. I echo the above too, how are the beeritas? Do they taste alot like beer?

Heather (My Little HEA) said...

Oh dear, I always have to remind my dog Boomer of this when he wants to get up at zero dark thirty!

Jenna said...

Love your bedroom colors! Mine are grey and yellow too!! Have a fabulous weekend!

Kenzie Smith said...

I could only imagine how nerve wracking it was having to send your ring in the mail!
I really wish we had a house cleaner, oh I would be so happy :D

Kalyn Randolph said...

My rings are from Blue Nile as well! I finally got tired of having to send them off for cleaning once we had them resized. I spoke with someone in customer service one day about the products they use to clean our rings and its basically the same stuff at Walmart or your average jewelry store. I no longer send my rings off and just use the red bottle of cleaner form the nail polish section in Walmart! It saves me major heartache!

Kristine said...

Pinterest is my fave for recipes! I've been on a roll with them all week... Not that I've been able to get around blogging about them though :/ fail. I didn't realize blue nile was up here by me! Sad you had to send your ring so far away but hopefully it was worth it!

Lauren said...

I had to part with my ring pre-wedding and it was awful then! Almost three years later, I don't know what I would do. Glad it made it back safely!

Whitney Smith said...

Were going to buy our wedding bands tomorrow & hes making me send off my ring to be sized.
I lied when I got it... ohhhhh... 5 months ago & have pulled off said lie until now.
Damn you sausage fingers.
I just REALLY don't wanna give it up.
BUT, I will be waiting to take a pretty sparkly seflie in the meantime. That should help.

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