Monday, May 13, 2013

Picture Dump & Our Weekend

I've obviously failed at blogging every day, but hey, atleast I'm getting posts up on all the week days! :)

I've got alot of pics on my phone I just need to dump so I thought today would be a good day for that!

{one of the brides I worked with sent me this pic of their OOT bags! I made the brochure, bag tags and ziplock bag tags}

{HEB has my favorite new york cookies now!}

{pretty kitty paws}

{I got to hang out with Bentley while John was away}

{and I also got a speeding ticket...}

{saw this on my way home from work one day...}

{looking out for Dad}

{my congrats on the new job present to myself}

{beautiful Swarovski bangle I got as a going away gift from my coworkers}

{volunteer nursing at a all day middle school soccer tourny}

{anyone need scrubs??}

{after a game of tennis}

{yup, that's my husband!}

And how we spent our weekend... 

{nurses week gift from my new boss!}

{reading for work... I'll be an expert by the time we have kids!}

{Friday night}

{oh this cat...}

{Dunkin Donuts finally open by our house}

{playing kinect at Dan and Maria's house}

{Happy mothers day to my momma}

{and to all the furmama's too}

{headed to dinner on Sunday with John's family}

{picking out stuff for our new kitchen on Sunday}


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Lauren said...

I love a good iPhone dump! Looks like you have been a busy beaver! Hope your week is WONDERFUL! :)

Helene said...

you and your momma are twins! so pretty! and love your pretty kitties!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I love when you do these posts! Your fur babies are just the most precious things! Congrats, again, on the new job!

Sarah said...

KITTY PAWS! So cute!!

Allison said...

Love your new watch and bangle :) I think getting yourself a gift for a new job is brilliant!

Betty said...

Hey there! Found your blog via the TWI link-up! What are OOT bags? I always love a good gift/host bag...Looking forward to reading more from your blog--now following!

Ashley Barnhill said...

Those cards you made for the bride were SO cute! You are so talented!

Erin said...

Um, your mom could be your sister!! You two are GORGEOUS and look so much alike!! :) I now want your favorite cookies AND pretzels from B'dubs! YUM!

Michelle F. said...

Love the photos! Soo cute! I'm trying to figure out what the bag says though in the first photo.

Whitney Smith said...

love love LOVE your hair curly!

traci's mixed bag said...

Great pictures! I especially love the cookie (looks so good) the wedding pic, and the present to yourself. Congrats on the new job.

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