Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quotes for Life

I really loved the topic today that Jenni set up so I wanted to touch on it.

It's your favorite quote and why -

This quote means so much to me. There are 2 parts that really stand out - Everything happens for a reason and good things fall apart so better things can fall together. I had a really rough time a few years ago and really questioned God's plan. Why me? I found this quote and reminded myself every day that there was a reason the bad was happening. There was a better plan for me. And then all of a sudden better things fell together for me. Right in my lap and I thank God everyday that those other things fell apart. Everything really does happen for a reason no matter how hard it is at first to deal with.

And I couldn't write this post without this quote. I remember in nursing school one of my instructors included this in one of our lessons. I had no idea who Steve Jobs was at the time (this was before the iPhone! ha) but it stuck with me. I hung this quote on my desk at work when I first started in the school and tried to remember it on a regular basis. I knew every time I read it I wasn't exactly where I wanted to be and that I was settling. I really hope that this next step in my career is going to be where I find what I love, where I can do great work and be truly satisfied with my life.

What is your favorite quote?



Whitney Smith said...

If that second quote doesn't sum up my LIFE idk what does.
So many people scoff at professions that don't make a lot of money, like mine, teaching.
I ALWAYS say: I would MUCH RATHER be broke and happy than rich and miserable!
You are going to have to endure your career, hopefully, for the rest of your life.
Day in and day out. Life is WAY too short to be miserable every day just because you make a lot.
I get a lot more satisfaction out of inspired little faces than money.
Totally pinned that quote, LOVE it.

Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

I love both of those quotes so much! The first is one is a favorite of mine.

Debi Petry said...

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