Monday, May 20, 2013


Today's topic on Jenni's blog was something your struggling with... I was going to write about this anyway, so I thought I would share it today. 

My biggest internal struggle right now is my weight. I hate the way I feel and look lately. I've always been a "bigger" girl, but right now I'm at the heaviest I've ever been. I've never had a problem with my waist being big. I've always just had big legs and I've been ok with it. Lately all my weight has been going to my stomach and I'm literally disgusted looking at myself in the mirror. I've started buying bigger shirts so it covers up my stomach and find myself "sucking in" all the time.

I love food and I hate working out. Not a good combo right?! But I know I HAVE to do something. So, I've started working out. John bought me the Polar FT4 and I will say that has helped me get motivated. We have a treadmill at our house so I have no excuse. I've started just fast walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes and I've gradually added in 30 seconds to 1 minute of jogging. If you can even call it jogging - it's more like waddling. But, hey, it's something and it's getting easier every day. The 1 minute long stretches are getting easier and I can do them more often without feeling like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. My mom also added me on their family membership at L.A. Fitness because they could have 4 people on it. Have I been? NOPE! Once I feel more confident on the treadmill and not like I'm going to pass out, I think I will feel more comfortable going to a gym. I want to incorporate classes in, but right now I'm scared.

We have tennis courts in our townhome complex too and we have taken advantage of that on a few occasions. I'd like to do it more to change things up and have some fun while working out. I also have a nice bike I got a few years ago and a bike trail that's very close to our house. John and I need to take advantage of that as well. 

{after playing tennis on an unusually cold night a few weeks ago}

As far as working out goes, my goal as of right now is to use our treadmill at least 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes - walking and jogging. Gradually adding in more jogging than walking. And adding in tennis and bike riding on days when the treadmill is just not what I want to do. 

And then there's the diet... it's gotta change. No if's, and's or but's. Sweets and carbs are my weakness and I have to change that. I just bought a meal planner notebook from Maybooks so we can start meal planning and finding healthy recipes before going to the grocery store. Hopefully this will get us on track with our diet and help with our grocery budget. 

Have any of you struggled with the same thing? How did you get through it? What are some of your motivations to go work out? Any tips you have are greatly appreciated! 



Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I'm feeling your pain, girlfriend. No matter your body type, I think every girl has their insecurities. Just last week I started using the MyFitnessPal app religiously... while I haven't seen a change on the scale, it is definitely giving me a reality check as far as counting calories goes! How do you like the HR monitor? Would you recommend it? Best of luck!

Katie said...

I gained 15 pounds in the six months that we've been married. Not cool. So I've been back in the gym too and using my fitness pal to track calories. I wish I had a treadmill at home to use! Tennis is super fun-- even just running around hitting the balls not keeping score. One tip that I've been given is to not just do cardio but strength training too (weights). That's how you build muscle, whereas cardio just burns calories. More muscle = higher metabolism!! :)

Kristyn said...

Oh I feel you! I am struggling with this right now as well. I have lost weight but I absolutely hate working out, so there's that. I need to be motivated and I am just not. Sigh. I joined Weight Watchers to help with my eating. That has been a HUGE life saver. You can still eat the sweets that you crave as long as you have the points for the day. It makes it easy for me to still eat the food I love (anything chocolate, pizza, tacos, ect) and still lose weight. I'm not forcing it on you or anything, but it has been amazing for me so far.

Veronica Lee Burns said...

I feel ya friend!

Working out is so hard sometimes and yeah me too, I LOVE FOOD! I'm so not willing to give up my favorite foods (ie chocolate) for a diet to lose weight...but I want to stay as in shape as possible! It's so hard.
I've really enjoyed running lately...

and I'm right there with you on the big legs...I think my working out has made them bigger...stronger maybe but bigger. ugh!

Kindra Roberts said...

EVERYDAY! I am so with you girl!


Jayme said...

I personally have never had a problem with weight but my husband has and in the year leading up to our wedding in December he was able to lose 65+ lbs so I'm giving advice based off his success.

The biggest thing he found helpful was tracking what he ate through My Fitness Pal. It's a free website that lets you track all your calories easily, helps you determine how much you should be eating and has a great mobile app that even allows you to scan barcodes off any item. He literally tracked for over 365 days straight and it definitely worked. Experts say that it's 80% about diet and 20% about exercise to start seeing results. MFP keeps you accountable for logging what you've eaten and can also be a great community since you can "add friends" and such. If you do join my username is jaymeeryn and I'd love to be friends and help motivate you!

Lindsay said...

Hey beautiful girl!

I have DEFINITELY struggled with my weight... actually, I have struggled for most of my adult life. I even remember in FOURTH GRADE being envious of my BFF because we had the same shorts and hers were soooo much smaller. Just sad.

As you know from Facebook and Instagram - I have been pretty successful with my weight loss attempts this time around. I have tried HUNDREDS of times to lose weight, trying many, many, many different ways to lose it. All have worked, but I was never commited, so I gained it all back, plus some!

So, I did the most cliche thing ever and on January 1st, 2013 - I made the resolution to lost weight. It's not for our wedding (though that's a benefit!) - but I started thinking about how Adam and I wanted to start a family after we're married and I just could not fathom putting anymore weight on my already overweight body when we decide to have a baby - so that did it for me. And I truly believe that this time, I was just READY. You can't force yourself to do it, you have to be ready to do it.

As many commenters have mentioned, I am using MyFitnessPal also -! Today is actually my 140th day of consecutive log ins and I DEFINITELY contribute MFP to my 24 pound weight loss this year. My workouts haven't changed much, but I am waaaay more aware of what/how much I am eating.

Let me know if you want more info and we can chat - but obviously my comment is getting way too long, I look like a freak! Haha!

Good luck, sweet thang! You got this! :)

Annabelle said...

I've always struggled with my weight, but I've always felt like I've accepted it. Lately, I find myself hating the way I look and need to do something about it instead of just thinking about it. Keep consistant with working out and it will work!

Jodi said...

I stopped eating most carbs/bread/pasta back in March and it has helped. I find that I crave it much less when I don't eat it at all. I stopped buying cereal, crackers, pasta, bread and then it is not in the house so I can't eat it. I treat myself to pasta when I'm out sometimes. Also I try to limit the sweets b/c when I eat a little I want a lot. It is so hard. But I feel like cutting out the carbs is so worth it - I'd rather eat a cookie for a treat than a bagel! Oh and I'm only/mostly drinking water.

Jodi said...

That published before I was done - you can do it! Keep up the walking on the treadmill and you will see your weight come down. Get the husband involved too - take weekend hikes, swim, bike, etc. More fun to have a partner!

Vicki said...

I hear ya girlfriend, I am at my heaviest right now too :( I am back on Weight watchers and I also got the same Polar as you - it just came this weekend so I'm excited to get started and see what I'm capable of! We can do it!!!

Sara Lynn said...

I think most women struggle with this for sure. I have lost 40lbs and kept it off. It took a harsh reality (someone calling me fat to my face) to really motivate me. Now that I made it apart of my life I can't imagine not working out. Just start small and don't look too far to the future. Just worry about the NOW. And even when you REALLY don't want to workout push yourself. You won't regret it. I promise!

Heidi said...

You can do it pretty girl! I struggle too and have since I was 9 years old. I tell myself I HAVE to move my body for 30 minutes a day. 30 minutes out of 24 hours is doable! Then it usually turns into an hour because I start to enjoy sweating!
I also use my fitness pal and it really keeps me in check especially when I think I can have 4 glasses of wine!
The best thing about eating that works for me (and I'm sure you've heard it before) is to shop the perimeter of the store and don't even go down the middle aisles. I stopped buying soda, bread (replaced it with Ezekiel bread or pitas), and anything that was in a snack just made me eat more!
:) love the polar. I think I might need one.

Whitney Smith said...

story of my life girl.
recently i went ALL in.
i did c25k and started to eat clean.
after working and school and then that huge change in my life, i was exhausted and quit.
now im easing into it.
20 mins of zumba 5 days a week and eating BETTER.
starting off baking more, using fat free and reduced fat things.
now i can actually keep up, not be disappointed, and make progress.
good luck,doll.

Whitney Smith said...
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Heather (My Little HEA) said...

It's amazing how we can have so many things or changes that are in our reach (I have a great and a bike trail just outside our subdivision but I too haven't used it in forever!) It's a constant battle with many people and the ones that continue to battle it out are I don't know, the winners or the ones that really want it? I always say I want it, but wanting it and working for it are two totally different things! I love seeing all this motivation in's so constant and that's such a good thing for me!

Ashley Barnhill said...

I struggle with the exact same thing. Always have and probably always will. First off, you are off to a FABULOUS start!!! I've definitely been in your shoes and thought I was going to die running for a few minutes at a time. If John is willing to diet with you, that will make all the difference in the world. I swear by meal planning. I do it every weekend before I go to the grocery store and it saves us money/calories/time. Buy the majority of your groceries from the perimeter of the store (produce, seafood/meat, dairy). Dieting really is 80% of the battle. I don't mind working out but I love pizza, so dieting is always the hardest part for me. I have learned over the years that when I start the diet I have to be 100% strict or I will just fall off and go back to my old ways. After being really strict for a couple weeks I'll have one "cheat meal" a week so I don't feel completely deprived. Hope this helps! You can do this... as soon as you start seeing results, that will definitely motivate you to keep going. Oh and I have the same watch now! It just arrived today!

Heather said...

I never had a weight issues until I went to College. Now, I can just look at food and blimp up. Overall, for diet, I DON'T DIET. Portion control is my best friend. I can't (and I mean can't) deny myself any certain foods, because that means I'm going to end up failing on whatever diet I'm on, so I stick with portion control. It's hard, but it works!

Also, working out gets easier once you make it a regular, consistent thing in your life. Sometimes it's hard to get that workout in, but you never regret a workout!

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