Sunday, May 5, 2013

What I learned in my week being "single"

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that John went to the UK for a week a few weeks ago. A 6 hour time difference really puts a damper in our communicating so this week was really long and pretty sucky! But, I did learned alot during this week when he was gone!

1. I spend alot of money when he's away - manicure, pedicure, hair done, full days of shopping, eating out... Yeah, I treated myself good!

2. I eat really bad when he is gone - I ate out every night he was away :( It's just so much easier stopping at Chipotle on your way home or going out to dinner with friends than cooking for one person!

3. I sleep horribly without him next to me - Yes as much as I complain about his snoring, sleeping alone is much worse. Lucy did keep me company in bed though. :)

4. Lucy hates me - well not really, but she definitely loves her daddy more! I really think she would go in to severe depression if he left her for a really long period of time!

5. I drink wine, lots and lots of wine - Yeah, pretty much every night I indulged in a glass a few glasses of wine! It made me sleep halfway good since he wasn't here with me!

6. Men can pack light - John fit a weeks worth of clothes in to his one carry on suitcase. He did a have a backpack with him to hold his work laptop, but all of his clothes and necessities were in that suitcase! That would have only held my shoes!

7. I love my husband more than anything - well, duh I already knew this, but something about him being away and not being able to talk on a regular basis really makes me appreciate him so much more. Not being home to cook me dinner when I don't feel like it, not kissing me good night, not a random text message telling me he loves me.... It makes that day seeing each other at the airport so much sweeter.



Allison said...

First off, love that y'all face-timed with the cat haha! Such a funny pic. Second off, I sleep absolutely terrible whenever Ross is away too. I feel you there!

Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

I hate the fact that guys can fit everything they need for the week into a carry-on. I usually need 3-4 bags for a week. It's sad. I love that John facetimed with the cat. So sweet!

Lauren Cope said...

Aww this is lovely! Such a sweet post xxx

Lauren said...

So sweet! So glad he is home with you now!

Jessica said...

You totally forgot to say that you have a good friend who spent spent a lot of money & ate bad with you to keep your mind off John being gone... Hee hee!

ty said...

This made me all gushy :)

PS, WHERE did you get those floral bow sandals??

Jackie said...

As a military SO, I can definitely relate to the wonders of an airport hello :) Btw, I also LOOOVE your sandals!!

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