Monday, July 29, 2013

Beer, Birthdays and Ribs

I am running out of post titles for my weekend recaps ;) So beer, birthdays and ribs are what's in the post so there ya go ;) 

What a fun, relaxing weekend we had! Friday I was so tired when I got home from work, I fell asleep like at 6:30 on the couch, woke up about 9 and moved till the bed then slept till 10 Saturday morning! It was some much needed sleep and I was so refreshed the rest of the weekend! 

Saturday we had a wedding shower to go to at a Mexican restaurant, then we went to Specs because John wanted some special Creme Brulee beer. After that we went to the mall to get John's phone fixed at the apple store and then went to Dan and Maria's for dinner! Kevin and Summer were over there with their "puppies" who have gotten SO big!!

Yesterday was my sisters 21st birthday!! I was sad I couldn't go home for it, but with us traveling last week and me traveling starting tomorrow I just couldn't do it :( Here's a little picture I put together and posted on IG and facebook :) 

I went and got a mani/pedi Sunday while John smoked ribs all day and washed his car. My mani/pedi was much needed after a week in flipflops in the sand! John invited Dan and Maria over and we all ate ribs and sausage for dinner. I have to say, my hubby is getting good with his smoker! I have NEVER eaten ribs. I just don't eat meat off of a bone. But he has started taking the meat off the bone for me and it is SO good! After our dinner, we all went to get some fro yo! I tried a new shaved ice treat - shaved ice, 2 fruits, ice cream, and condensed milk. It was ok, but I think I like fro you or a regular sno cone better! 

I hope y'all all had a great weekend! I leave tomorrow for San Antonio for work. I'm looking forward to some time away in a fun city, but hate being away from John and the kitties! Luckily John is going to meet me there on Friday so we can spend the weekend together :) 

Have a great week y'all! 

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Lauren said...

Love your shirt! You have such fun weekends!

Ericka said...

Those puppies are too cute! Glad you had a good weekend :)

Meg Cady said...

i NEED to try that beer!!! I love stout!!!

Heidi said...

I DO NOT eat meat on the bone either! Therefore I've never tried ribs. So nice he takes it off for you!
Hope your trip to SA goes well! Riverwalk time! :)

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, it's only 7am, yet my mouth is watering for those ribs. They look so yummy!

Creme brulee beer sounds interesting. I'm gonna have to check that one out!

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