Sunday, July 14, 2013

Datevitation {Giveaway}

I'm sure y'all have seen the super cute Datevitation books floating around the blog world, right?

Well, they contacted me to see if I was interested in a free one and I couldn't turn it down! I love giving John little surprises here and there and he loved this one!

The website is super easy and they have tons of choices of dates! It was hard to pick just 5! (You can get more but you pay extra if you pick more than 5). 

I am really excited about John "redeeming" these date cards :) A few of these things he's been wanting to do for awhile and the others were things I just thought would be fun!

If you are interested in getting a Datevitation book for yourself use the code 'SAVANAHSMILE10' for $10 off your order.

And now for the best part... I've partnered with Datevitation for a huge giveaway! 



Sunni Dae said...

Are we suppose to comment here for our favorite illustration?

I like the staycation of the couple sitting in the kiddie pool :)

Nichole said...

Aww, what a cute idea!

LWLH said...

Love these little date books, always so fun.

Celia Houck said...

This is so cute!!!

Also I am super jealous that you are on vacation right now.

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