Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gulf Shores Day 3-4

Monday we woke up and it was rainy so we decided to just go on a dolphin cruise in the afternoon. The cruise we went on was in Orange Beach, about a 15 minute drive from Gulf Shores. It was really funny because the weather was perfect there! The boat dock was right next to a restaurant with a little tiki bar so us girls enjoyed our first Bushwacker... how had I not heard of this drink before? It was SO good and we had several throughout our trip!

The boat cruise in my opinion was a lot of fun! The only downside was you pretty much had to stand up the entire hour and a half if you wanted to see anything. And there was no shade so it was HOT! But the drivers really knew how to get the dolphins to jump and we had an amazing view of all the dolphins doing tricks!

After our boat tour we just went back to the condo and started dinner. We decided to stay in and cook 2 nights and the guys picked Monday and Tuesday to stay in because of the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game. Monday night Kevin and Summer made some delicious spagetti and I made meatball buns! 

The rest of the night ended with me drinking almost an entire bottle of wine, having to take a shot because Brad "won" the home run Derby, a game of SPOONS and then a game of "bowl of nouns." Needless to say, this night is very blurry to me! haha

Tuesday morning was another cloudy one :( We decided to still brave it and go down the beach but we weren't out there very long before a huge rain cloud came and drenched us all. 

We went back up to the room, ate lunch and by that time the sun had come back out so we decided to just hang out at the condo's pool. 

After the pool, Emily and Brad cooked spicy sausage pasta and we watched the All Star Game. And this is apparently the only picture I have from Tuesday night... Kevin taking a shot. This was a frequent occurrence during the trip ;) 

More to come soon! 



Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Oh man, the dolphin cruise looks amazing!

Meg Cady said...

SO MUCH FUN!!!! Love me a Dolphin/Booze Cruise!!!!

Annabelle said...

This looks like so much fun! I've wanted to do a couples trip like this but not many people go for it around here in the boondocks! lol
They are all home bodies here!

Ashley R said...

This looks like such a fun trip. I have never had a Bushwacker either! I surely want one now though! :)

Ashley Barnhill said...

Love the dolphin cruise! How fun!

Chels said...

Ugh...I am SO jealous of you!!!! I have always wanted to go to Gulf Shores! Looks like yall had a blast...by the way, you are SOOO tan!!!

Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

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