Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gulf Shores Day 5-6

Wednesday we had gorgeous weather all day!! We went down to the beach pretty early to make sure we soaked every bit of that sunshine in!

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{finally pulled out the redneck golf}

{We instagrammed this for the #gunsuparoundtheworld challenge!}

We were able to stay out at the beach all day with no rain and then we all got ready and went to LuLu's for dinner. To me, this is a place you have to go to when you visit Gulf Shores. Even though the food isn't my favorite, the atmosphere is so fun. 

{the famous Krispy Kreme bread pudding}

After dinner, we decided to take on The Woody! I wanted to do this last time we were there, but we never got around to it, so I'm really glad we got to do it this time! This was so much fun!! Emily didn't get to ride because of her knee so she was our photographer!

{that's me!}

{there's John!}

The next day we decided to sleep in and then go to an early lunch at Bahama Bob's. This was a place Summer's dad recommended and I'm really glad we tried it! It was VERY good and very nice scenery!

{popcorn shrimp salad}

The guys played golf Thursday after our lunch so us girls decided to head to the pool for the rest of the beautiful day! 

{had to start mixing liquor with gatorade! haha}

We had planned on going to Tacky Jack's Thursday night but we were so sick of fried food that I decided to look on Joy's blog and see if she had any good recommendations for food since I remembered she blogged all about it after her trip! She said Shipps Harbour Grill was one of the best meals they had so we decided to try it out. We made reservations and were excited to eat a delicious steak! It did not disappoint! We got to sit outside on the water, live music, excellent food, good friends.... what's better than that?

We were dying for another bushwacker so we stopped back at Bahama Bob's on our way back to the condo. They actually made them to go for us! Then it was time for beer pong and a little too much drinking ;)

The last 2 days coming up soon :)



Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

I miss the beach! Looks like you had so much fun!

Allison said...

You got so tan! That race track looks so fun! I need one of those monogrammed towels stat.

Alyssa Whitt said...

I'm literally sitting her pouting looking at your pictures.
I think a weekend trip might be in order.

Lauren said...

I love Tacky Jacks and LuLus. It's my favorite!

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