Thursday, August 1, 2013

A New Addition

I mentioned a few weeks ago that John ordered a new Jeep... Well, it's finally here!!

He has been researching Jeep's for months and finally decided on what he wanted but unfortunately no one had the exact one. So, he special ordered it and it came in a few weeks ago!

We had to drive all the way to Victoria, Texas to pick it up...  And a few hours later, we were home with a new shiny red Jeep!!

The weekend he got it, all of our friends were over and he let me take it for a ride with the top down with the girls! We went to Sonic :)

It has been so fun to have the top down!! I love that we decided on a soft top because it's so much easier to put the top up and down. We don't have a garage (only a carport) so we wouldn't have a place for the hard top so that's why we decided against it. I can't wait to take it out with the doors off too!

And I have also learned that I no longer need to fix my hair if we are taking his car!! HA!

Plus you know he put his personal touches on it ;)

We are loving it so far!! John had been driving an old 4Runner so this was really nice for him to get a brand new car, ordered just for him! I am now driving his 4Runner and we are going to sell my Honda. I love my Honda so I'm really sad about selling it, but it's just not practical since it's 2 doors. And I need alot of trunk room since I pretty much work out of my car. The Honda just won't work. :( 

This was when we first switched cars... it's since gotten a whole lot more full! How do you like the random baby head sticking out?? ;) 

And if any of you are looking for a Red 2008 Honda Accord Coupe, I'm selling!! It's in very good condition, V6, leather, spoiler, navi and all the bells and whistles! :)



Christelle said...

It always exciting getting a new car and John's jeep is PRETTY! And, I LOVE your new "wind-blown" hair style! Hahah!!!

I used to have a red accord coupe - it was my first car!! Such a fun car!

Sara Lynn said...

I LOVE the jeep!! Congrats on the new car :)

Brittany Fry said...

pretty pretty!!! I love going for Jeep rides unfortunately Hubby no longer has his Jeep and I had to get a car. Have fun!

Alyssa Whitt said...

THAT is a pretty vehicle.
And my heart stopped a beat when I scrolled and saw the baby head.

Darby Hawley said...

ooolala so fun!

Lauren said...

4runners are in my blood! That's what I've wanted for forever.

You better bet, it'll be my next car.

Ida said...

Awesome Jeep! My bf has always wanted one. I've always said no because of the hair issue but I guess it just comes with the territory! Hope you enjoy it!

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