Monday, August 26, 2013

Black Tie Optional

With the upcoming wedding in NYC in September getting closer and closer, I have been stressed out to the max over what to wear because of 3 little words at the bottom of the invitation...


I'm not sure if that's just something we don't do here in Texas as much as other places, but I've never been to a wedding that had the "dress code" on the bottom of the invite.

I do not own a "little black dress" and I don't really have any really formal dresses. And, I don't want to buy one because I will never wear it again!

I feel like there's really not set "guidelines" for this like there is for a beach casual or for an actual black tie wedding. I am reading all sorts of different things. Some places say a long dress, some say a cocktail dress is fine.

Here is what Emily Post says about the subject for men and women...

I have ordered and tried on probably 50 dresses and just can't find one that I like and can justify spending hundreds of dollars on. My body doesn't work well with typical cocktail dresses just because of my big booty and legs so a tight dress isn't an option! And I refuse to be all uncomfortable in spanx all night ;)

So, I want all of your opinions.... I THINK I have my outfit, but don't quite know if its dressy enough.

This was an outfit I had found awhile ago on Pinterest and was kind of my inspiration...

So, here's my take on it...

(this dress looks much more navy than royal blue in person)

from Dillards

(this isn't the exact color of my clutch. Mine is a lighter gold and a smooth material but the same style with the bow, mine looks alot more dressy because of the smooth material)

Extra accessories - 

-A short blingy gold necklace - I did short because of the ruffles. I felt a long one would get lost in the ruffles. 
-Gold bangles
-A thin gold belt - I'm ditching the tie that comes with the dress. 
-I'm getting my hair done at the Dry Bar in NYC so it'll be dramatic. 
-I plan on finding somewhere to get my makeup done or doing it very dramatic if I can't find anywhere. 

Also, I want to mention that John is wearing a navy suit, so we will be in similar colors. 

Ralph Lauren from Macy's

So what do we think? Is my outfit dressy enough? 

And now we must think about what I can wear to the rehearsal dinner.................. haha. 

But, other than the stress of the outfit, I am so freaking excited about this trip! Being back where we got engaged, seeing all of John's family and a fancy wedding to go to sounds like so much fun :) 22 days!!!! 



Miss MP said...

I'm from the East Coast and most weddings are black tie optional up there. I would really gauge it based on the reception. If it's at a swanky location, then the more formal the better. I really like the dress you picked out and with the accessories it will look great. Do they have a White House Black Market near you? That is usually my go to place for the right "LBD". The sales people there are super helpful and can usually look at your body type and pick out several dresses that will look good. Good luck!

Katie said...

I think that outfit will be good especially with all the dressy accessories (the more sparkles, the better in this case). And I'd definitely do fancy hair/makeup. But you should be fine! I've never been to such a dressy wedding either-- sounds fun! :)

Casey said...

I personally think your outfit may be a little less formal than Black Tie Optional calls for, but you could probably dress it up with formal hair/make-up and slightly more formal jewelry. I second Miss MP's advice by going off of how formal the reception location is - if it is in quite the swanky location, I'd up the formality of your outfit a bit. :)

Giggles said...

I think you need something a little more formal especially if the wedding is in the evening.

Kristine said...

I wouldn't even know what to do in this situation... The weddings around here are pretty much jeans and a NICE flannel; not one you'd work out on the farm with, haha.

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