Monday, August 12, 2013

Calling all Napa lovers!

Ok people, FINALLY I think we have come to a decision on our one year anniversary trip!
But before we book, I wanted to bring it here so I could get some advice...

Have any of you been to Napa??

John and I have never been and we have no idea really where to start looking for places to stay or which wineries to go to!

The only thing I know for sure, is we will absolutely be doing a hot air balloon ride!

Seriously, how freaking cool is that!? Now to figure out which company to use???

But other than the hot air balloon ride, we really have no clue where to start.

We are going to fly in to San Francisco Friday night, drive to Napa and stay until Monday.

The main questions I have are....

- What city should we stay in? Downtown Napa, Yountville, Mt. Helena...? I know most of the wineries are not in downtown so should we stay there?

- What is the best and safest way to see/tour the wineries? I'm worried about being out all day drinking and then driving our rental car back to our hotel. I know we can't be the only people concerned about that so there's gotta be tours or drivers or something! So what do we do?

- Once we figure out the city, which hotel do you recommend?

- Which wineries should we visit?

- Any restaurants we HAVE to go to?

- Has anyone been at Christmas? Anything special going on? We will be going December 13-16 so I'd love to be somewhere that's decked out for the holidays!

Any help or info y'all have would help us out so much!

I am so so excited about this trip! We have been going back and forth about where to go because of December weather! I'm glad we finally agreed and came up with something where we will have great weather, where we can relax and yet still have alot to do! :)

Thanks in advance!



Michael said...

I've never been so I can't help you but it's wine country! What's not to love?! And the dcenery is beautiful from all the pictures I've seen. You're going to have a great time!

Kate Cee said...

When we go we stay at the Best Western Elm House Inn. It was a former bed and breakfast victorian home and was converted into a Best Western. The staff is amazing and they have a complimentary breakfast that is the best one I have ever seen.

Make sure to check out V. Sattui too.

Jodi said...

I thought you were going back to Mexico?

You will LOVE Napa! It is awesome. I would recommend hiring a driver for when you visit the wineries - there are tons of companies so just depending on what you are looking for you can pick.

I loved Sterling b/c you get a view from high up of the vineyard so you must go there.

A hot air balloon will be amazing. I've been wanting to do that too.

Lauren said...

Two of my best friends went there on their honeymoon! They LOVED it! They also went to San Francisco one day and also did the hot air balloon ride. I know y'all will have a blast!

Ashley R said...

I haven't been to Napa, but I am all for this trip. Have you looked on Trip Advisor for tour companies? I'd definitely start there. I live in Southern California wine country and we have a million, so I can't imagine Napa doesn't have even more fantastic options!

Have you ever been to San Francisco? I just love that city- you should stay 2 nights there! ;)

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