Monday, August 5, 2013

Gulf Shores Day 7-8

Friday was our last full day there and unfortunately it rained most of the day :( The sun was out a little in the morning so we got ready to head to the beach which included taking shots. We were trying to finish up the liquor ;) haha
Well we were out there not even 30 minutes and a big storm came through and never cleared up. We sat on the balcony for awhile just watching the rain and then we decided to go ahead and get ready so we could do something else. The guys stayed in the condo while the girls went to the outlet mall. 

For dinner, we went to The Wharf. We ate at Baumhauers, shopped, walked around and got another Bushwacker ;)

The next day we had to be out of the condo by 10am so we were up early to head out the door. I couldn't NOT take a pic of all the liquor we finished... ha. 

It took us forever to get out of Gulf Shores because of all the traffic. Once we were in Mississippi, we stopped at The Shed for some BBQ - delish!! The restaurant was SO cool too. It truly was a shed. If y'all watch The Food Network, they are actually having their own show which actually starts tonight! We can't wait to watch it! 

We finally made it home about 9 Saturday night. We had so much fun but it's always nice to be back home and the kitties were so happy to see us!! 



Kenzie Smith said...

Looks and sounds like you all had an awesome time! I absolutely love that whipped vodka - it's my go to for drinks ha ha!
The Shed looks like an awesome place to eat!!

Joy said...

We have a Baumhauers in Bham and love it. Their burgers are delicious. And wouldn't you know that I've never been to the Wharf. Don't ask... we've just never gone. Ha! And The Shed... I've been seeing the previews on the Food Network, but being from MS I've never eaten there. I think the Mr and I need to take a road trip.

Ashley said...

The Shed looks pretty awesome! I'd love to one day start traveling around the US and stop at all these Diners, Drive-ins and Dives mentioned on the Food Network...

Glad you had fun! It's always nice to come back home to the kitties though :)

Savannah Pyron said...

I think I'm starting to live vicariously through your travel posts! I love seeing all your pictures!

Jodi said...

Love the shower curtains on the bathroom stalls! Classy! But love even more that you took a photo of it. haha

Lauren said...

I want to eat at "the Shed" one day!

Lovie said...

Looks like you had an amazing vacay!
I love the sign at The Shed about being in a good mood to enter. (I need that for my house, haha!)
Baumhauers is one of my favorite restaurants. Their fried pickles are my fave!!

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