Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NYC Recap: Day 3

I dropped the ball on the NYC recap posts, but I'm back with day 3 today! 

Thursday we had tickets to the Mets game and we were SO excited about it!! The game was at 1 but ended up leaving our hotel around 10 to grab some breakfast from a food stand and catch the 7 train up to Flushing, NY. 

John is a huge Mets fan, win or lose. We get the baseball package on DirecTV so every April through September, the Mets are on our TV, nearly every day. It was so weird to finally see Citi Field in person after seeing it on TV all those times!

Unfortunately, my favorite player and man crush, David Wright, was hurt and didn't play :( He came out for the National Anthem so of course I had to snap a pic ;) He is the 5th from the front in these below pics.

{John's lunch - a filet steak sandwich}

So, funny story about the next picture... the Mets were playing the Giants and almost the whole stadium was Giants fans for some reason! The people who do giveaways were trying to find 4 Mets fans with in close proximity to each other to do a giveaway so they came and asked us if we wanted DRINK tickets (so we thought). So they gave us the rundown of what we had to do and then handed us the so called drink tickets...

No, they were DRAKE tickets!! Call me old, but I honestly don't even know any of Drake's music - I've heard of him, but wouldn't care to go to the concert, especially not in NY ;) (We ended up giving the tickets to John's cousin and his girlfriend who will definitely appreciate them more than us! ha)

After the game, we took the 7 train back in to the city and stopped at Grand Central Station just to see it and snap a few pics. Beautiful!

We stopped for a famous black and white cookie on our way back to the hotel and sat in Bryant Park for awhile and just enjoyed the nice weather and people watching. 

Thursday night, all of John's family arrived so we met them in China Town for dinner at our favorite Chinese food place, Wo Hop. We stopped in Little Italy on the way there for our favorite rainbow cookies first ;) 

We were stuff after our delicious HUGE chinese food meal and called it a night!



Alyssa said...

I have never been to a Mets game! I grew up going to Yankee games all the time (even though my family is made up of mostly Phillies fans hah).. but that stadium looks beautiful!!!

I love reading your NYC recaps!!

Mason's Mama said...

Love love love this post! My favorite thing is to see other baseball stadiums! My dream {for when we retire} is to travel and watch baseball games all around the world!

Keri said...

I grew up across the river from NYC and reading your recaps makes me want to grab my suitcase and head home and be a tourist. My fav place is Central Park in the fall! Glad you had a great trip!

Keri said...
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Kari Downing said...

I just found your blog, mostly because of my wedding planning! I googled jade color Alfred Angelo since that is the color I chose for my BM, and stumbled on your posts on my destination wedding then on to this blog! I love the inspiration from your wedding photos!! I love your other posts too, you have a new fan! :)

Amy DeVito said...

I'm loving all your NY recaps. I'm from Long Island and I love seeing all these places I love and recognize. I'm a huge Mets fan and I've met David twice *he's my favorite player and man crush too.. great minds think alike ;)!

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