Friday, November 15, 2013

Another Picture Dump

Another day, another picture dump :) This is a follow up to the one I posted last week... still some old pics! 

{a little flower arrangement I made for our coffee table}

{another one I made for our hutch in the kitchen}

{nails for NYC}

{I always find her like this!}

{Pixie and Lucy left a nice note and some money for the cat lady}

{all I needed to do was some work and the government shut down wouldn't allow it}

{my 2 girls}

{said good bye to my ol' red}

{my new beauty}

{11am football games call for mimosas instead of beer}

{me and pappasitos are the same age}

{made stuffed peppers from Ashley's blog for dinner}

{they never let me get any work done}

{wine and Glee}

{my favorite little desserts!}

{she loves her daddy}

{birthday nails}



scrapperjen said...

I love your floral arrangements! Your nails look fantastic.
I hope you are enjoyng your new wheels.

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Your babies are juts the cutest!

Allison said...

What kind of dessert is that?? Looks soooo yummy!!!!

Alex said...

Lucky cracks me up. She's so cute!!!

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