Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vegas: Part 1

Remember my awesome birthday present my husband got me??  Well we jetted off to Vegas a few weekends ago to see Garth and spend the weekend in a fun city! 

We left Friday night after we got off work - with the time difference, that was exhausting!! Because we both have the United Mileage Plus Credit card (how we booked our tickets for FREE!) we got to go in to the United Club for pre flight drinks and snacks - Cheese, crackers, and milano cookies... dinner of champions ;)

We got in to Vegas around 9pm, checked in to our hotel (Treasure Island) and then made our way down the strip to grab some food. I was not impressed with our hotel at all. The check in person was rude, they didn't have the room we booked and it just wasn't comparable at all to the Venetian or Encore where we have stayed before. Oh well, now we know. As we walked down the strip, we happened to walk past the Mirage Volcanos going off so we had to stop for pictures. Then my phone died so I have no pics besides these 2 from Friday night...

Saturday morning, John got up bright and early to watch the Tech game, stupid 11am games starting at 9am in Vegas! He went to Starbucks, brought me a Chai Tea Latte back to the room then went back down to the Sports book in our hotel to watch the game. It was so nice to sleep in, enjoy my tea and TV and just relax! 

{the view from our first room}

After the football game, we were able to move rooms to the room we actually booked - you have to have a king size bed on vacation y'all! Then we went to lunch at StripBurger at the Fashion Show Mall - delish!

{view from our second room}

After lunch, we walked around to some of the other hotels to see the sights, then enjoyed some more football and beer at a bar in our hotel. 

{waterfalls at the Wynn}

{inside the Palazzo}

{outside the Mirage}

We went back to our room, took a short nap, then it was time for the most exciting part of the trip!! GARTH!! We got fancied up, went to a nice dinner at Allegro in the Wynn then it was show time!

{had to play the Wizard of Oz slots while we were waiting for show time!}

The show was absolutely amazing! There were no pictures allowed in the theatre so I only got 1 of the stage before it started. It was just him, his guitar and the audience. Oh and Trisha Yearwood joined him on stage and sang "She's In Love With a Boy" and they sang "In Another's Eyes" together. I loved that it wasn't a rock your socks off, flying in to the audience, kind of concert. He basically had a conversation with the audience. He started from his childhood and moved through his career singing songs that influenced him and of course sang his own popular ones. I had goosebumps the entire time. That man can sing. They are airing his last show on TV the Friday after Thanksgiving on CBS so make sure to tune in if you are a Garth or Trisha fan!

We went to the 10:30 show so when we got out it was late and we were ready for bed! The next part of the trip is coming up soon :) 



Katie said...

Looks like an awesome trip!! I'm so jealous that you got to see Garth Brooks-- I loooooooved him growing up!

Ericka said...

OMG I would have LOVED to see Garth in concert! I'll definitely have to catch the show on TV when it airs. Looks like you had a blast. I've never been to Vegas, but that totally makes me want to go!

Kristine said...

So jealous that you got to see Garth. Maybe I should go see him next time I'm there... Was this your first trip to Vegas?! TI is an OK hotel... but next time you've definitely gotta stay somewhere a little better :) trust me, you won't regret it :)

Allison said...

Ohhhh Garth. Melt my heart :)

Meghan said...

I am so excited for when he comes out of "retirement"! I am jealous you got to see him, and can't wait for his TV special!

Alex said...

Ohhhh Vegas. Such a good time. Love the shots from the Bellagio. It's always so pretty!

Amber said...

This trip sounds like a blast!! I loved Garth when I was a kid, pretty jealous you got to see him :)

Heather said...

Oh Vegas how I miss thee! Love Vegas. So much to do at all times. I'm so jealous of you seeing Garth Live! I remember seeing him when I was little and he was amazing. Can't wait to watch his show. And the fact that Trisha came on too, love her! Looks like you two had an amazing trip!

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