Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Way Overdue

I haven't done a phone picture dump since July... JULY!!  I need to be better about this because I have SO many pictures on my phone and need to drop them somewhere! So, here's the first batch! ha

{one of my favorite snowcones - strawberry cheesecake with cream!}

{one of my Etsy clients sent me this giftbox of Edible Arrangements for making her wedding items. So sweet!!}

{I'm usually not a red sangria fan, but this was AMAZING at Grimaldis!}

{came home from work and our yard was completely dug up... but our HOA installed a sprinkler system so it's all worth it now!}

{his and hers drinks}

{took a walk in our neighborhood one night and saw this gorgeous rainbow}

{apparently I'm good at catching my cats yawning}

{a opossum on our neighbors gate when we came in one night}

{my new favorite shirts}

{momma made me a flower arrangement for our table when she was here one time}

{Pixie giving Lucy snuggles}

{It's been a year and a half since Cotton went to kitty heaven and I still sleep with his Oscar the elephant}

{I made gooeyball tech cupcakes for the first game of the season}

{she has gotten so fat...}

{these are my game day shoes!}


{If only these were not tiny... I would have bought one!}


{coconut water from sonic}

{these guys crack me up with their football}

I'll be posting a lot more soon.......!!



Teresa said...

nice Tutti Frutti blanket! (: I always love spotting Vera in your pictures!

Lauren said...

Love your kitties! I just had to find the rawr sweatshirt. I don't care how tiny it is, I think I NEED it!

Lauren said...

I just love all these random photos! my phone is filling up too. maybe this should be a linkup!

Kenzie S said...

Your kitties are too cute! Love the photo dump!

Ashley R said...

I've never had a snow cone with cream! Seems like I have been missing out!

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