Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas at the Ryans

If there's one thing I feel I'm good at, it's decorating. Especially when it comes to the holidays and crafty stuff like the tree and wreaths. I had so much fun this year getting our house ready for the Holidays! Since we got married 8 days before Christmas last year in a different country, decorating for Christmas just wasn't happening so I told John early this year we would be going all out! Time kind of got away from us so we didn't get to do as much as I had hoped, but we still did more than we ever have before so I call that a success! 

Back in November, we went out and bought a brand new tree! I LOVE this tree. You can choose either white or multi colored lights and there's an option where it will even switch back and forth between the two. It goes a little too fast for me though and really would cause a seizure if you had them! haha. I like it on the white lights so that's what you're getting in the pics :) 

I have alot more Christmas decorations up through the house here and there, but didn't snap a picture of all of them. I wanted to share the things I loved the most here since it was so much! 

I love this card holder from Pier 1. Although usually it's filled with cards already and this year I haven't gotten as many! I guess people aren't on their card sending game early this year! I also just framed a picture from our Christmas picture session a few years ago. 

We don't have a mantle so I had to get creative with our stockings. These shelves over our desk worked out perfectly. The cat stockings are from Hobby Lobby and our stockings are from The Nutcracker Market from a few years ago. This was the first year not to have 3 kitty stockings hanging up which made me really sad when I put the decorations up this year. :(

The garland was something I had never done before and I'm glad I decided to do it after I got it finished! We got the garland pre lit at Costco and I just added deco mesh, ornaments and ribbon. I love the way it turned out and love the extra Christmas it adds to our living room!

I don't have much Christmas in the kitchen/breakfast area, but I had to find a place for this platter my mom got us last year.  She gave this to us last year at our 'at home' wedding and it was perfect. A Palm tree with Christmas lights - captures us and our wedding perfectly. The picture in the frame is from our first trip to NYC during Christmas with the Rockefeller Tree in the background!

And I always have way too many towels hanging off the oven. My mom gave us the Palm Tree one with the platter last year and I had to include the Meowy Christmas one of course as well ;) 

I made a wreath to hang on our mirror in our living room but it wouldn't stay up and kept falling me so I decided to move it to our front door! The wreath is a plain wreath from Hobby Lobby and I got the R at Kirklands... Then I added decomesh, fillers and ornaments!

And here are our outside decorations! We have a small townhome so we can't put lights all around so we made do. I got the lighted wreath at Hobby Lobby and decorated it like the garland up the stairs. 

{the outdoor wreath before I hung it outside}

Show me your Christmas decorations!

Linking up with Ashley, Jordon, Allison, and Jessica!



Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Gorgeous! I love the kitty stockings!

Lauren said...

Your tree looks beautiful - I also love the garland down your stairs & your wreaths!! So pretty!

Taren said...

Everything looks amazing!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Very pretty love your wreaths!

Jordon said...

We have VERY similar taste, but your tree looks much better than mine!!

I LOVE the garland! I need to add mesh to mine next year!

Thanks for linking up girl!

Jessica Miller said...

STUNNING!!! I cannot get over your tree and wreaths and all the other details in between! You've got a knack for decorating!! Come help me… :)

Darby Hawley said...

oooo so many things I love! The wreath on your front door, the kitty stockings, the garland on the staircase....seriously love it all!

Lauren said...

I LOVE your Christmas decor! You did a great job, miss!

Annabelle said...

You have great taste! Your decorations and your tree are beautiful!

Jill said...

LOVE! Your tree and wreath look great but the garland is probably my favorite thing! I need to get on my game with that. I have stairs and it would look great. I have an ornament garland on my mantle but it isn't very "full" of greenery (el cheapo from Wally World, and I added the ornaments). I had so much fun with this Christmas decor link up!

Ericka said...

Super cute Christmas decorations! I love the garland on the stairs. I might have to do something like that next year.

Samantha Horseman said...

Gorgeous! Love it all...especially the R wreath and garland :) Would love for you to join my holiday link-up!!

XO Samantha

Allison said...

Your cat stockings... haha! I die. I love them!!! :) They're a part of the fam too! Thanks for linking up friend!

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