Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Traditions

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Since it's finally December I feel like I can finally blog about something that's been on my heart for the past month or so.

I realized a few months ago that John and I would actually be in OUR house together this Christmas. That may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but it is huge for us. This is our 6th Christmas together and not one of those has been celebrated together, just me and him, in our house. Our first Christmas together I was working in the hospital and had to work and we also weren't living together then. Then the next 4 years we were either waking up in New York or Ft. Worth on Christmas morning.

Even though last year was our first married Christmas, with all the wedding hoopla it all just went by so fast and I felt like we didn't get to celebrate. We didn't decorate our house at all, got back from Cancun on the 22nd, then left for Ft. Worth on the 24th.

So this year, it is going to be like our first real Christmas together, in our house, just us. Since there hasn't been any consistency in our holiday plans, there's never been any traditions. I want to change that this year. I want to start traditions now so when there are little Ryan's in the house {hopefully next Christmas!}, there is consistency, there are traditions that John and I started when it was just us 2 that are carried out through our kids lives. I want them to have the Christmas's like I had growing up. My Christmas's growing up were the exact same every single year and I am so glad I had that. But now that I'm an adult and thinking about our {nonexistent} kids future, it's making me realize that that time for me might be coming to a close. Taking turns with holidays between families is hard and I want our kids to have that consistency of having the same Christmas plans every year like I did! As much as I don't want to think about not being at my Grannie's house eating breakfast with everyone on Christmas morning, I know it's going to happen soon. If we lived close, it wouldn't be an issue at all. But the 5 hour drive between me and my family, puts a huge damper on all the Christmas plans.

So how do we start our own traditions without forgetting all the Christmas's that brought us to where we are? How do we start something new knowing we're leaving something else behind? I guess this is just one of those bad things that comes with growing up and moving away from your family. Being an adult really can suck sometimes. How do y'all do it? If you're away from your family in a different city, how does it work for you? Especially if you have kids... how do they handle it? I'm interested to see as many different opinions as I can get on this!

So what are we doing this year for our new traditions?

We spent all weekend making our house a little Christmas wonderland... the tree, wreaths, garland, stockings, and even outdoor lights! We went ALL out! {I will be sharing it with all of you soon!} I bought us both new pajamas that we won't be wearing until Christmas Eve. We plan on making a big Christmas breakfast together Christmas morning. But that's about all we have right now. We definitely want to go look at Christmas lights either at the Houston Zoo or Moody Gardens in Galveston and make that a yearly thing. We plan on doing that this weekend.

What other things could we add to the list?



Annabelle said...

Christmas traditions are a wonderful thing! Maybe you and the hubby could open one gift from each other Christmas Eve night that celebrates the two of you. When those little Ryan's are running around you won't have time to think about each other as much. So if you made that a tradition you won't leave each other out and it will be special just for the two of you. We always do this after we put our son to bed! Merry Early Christmas girl!

Katie said...

I want to start to establish some stuff while it's just the two of us too! But I think it's hard to start doing things that you intend to become traditions. You just do a bunch of stuff then see what sticks the next year. Things that have "stuck" for us this year already are getting our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and decorating while watching Christmas movies. We also plan to go see Christmas lights in two nearby towns that have huge events that we went to last year. Christmas Eve will be different because Donny is working that day this year, but we will for sure be watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special again on Christmas Eve!

I like the idea of making a big breakfast on Christmas morning and new pjs!

Ericka said...

My mom always got us "jingle jammies" that we got to open on Christmas Eve, and she still does it to this day! She always made a breakfast caserole that would bake while we were opening presents on Christmas morning, while listening to Christmas music. Those are two things I loved! I'm in the same boat you are...this is my first Christmas married to my husband. We've lived together for the past three years, but we always go to our parents houses on Christmas, so we've never got to wake up in our own house on Christmas morning. I can't wait to change that, but it won't be this year...hopefully next year!

Casey said...

Every Christmas season we go on a different Christmas date. We try to find something new each year. I really hope e can continue to do that after littles are in the picture. I love Christmas jammies :) I always got a new set on Christmas Eve q

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