Monday, December 30, 2013

Our "First" Christmas

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... technically last year was our first married Christmas, but this was our first year together in Houston, in our house!

Our Christmas celebrations started the weekend before Christmas. We took a 24 hour trip to Ft. Worth... We left Saturday morning and came back to Houston Sunday morning! It was a quick trip, but alot of fun spending time with my family!

{waiting for their surprise from Santa}

{perfect right??}

{on our way home Sunday morning}

{I guess Santa reads my blog ;)}

{all the loot from Christmas in Ft. Worth - Santa was good to us!}

I had to go back to work on Monday and Tuesday unfortunately so Christmas Eve was spent at work for me! :( Luckily I got off a little early, then I came home, made meatball buns and then we headed to John's parents for our Christmas celebration with them.

{I was excited to use our Christmas platters we got last year as wedding gifts!}

{heading to John's parents - those might be little kitty heads on my scarf ;)}

{John's parents got us this personalized ornament for our 1 year anniversary! so cute!}

We got home really late that night, went to bed in our new Christmas PJ's, then woke up Christmas morning in our own bed! So nice!! We made a big breakfast, had mimosas with a special holiday edition of champagne we got in Napa, let the kitties "open" their gifts and then opened our stockings to each other.

{Pixie never lets me sleep in}

{starting our breakfast}

{special Christmas PJ's}

{the kitties were good this year!}

{a picture for his desk at work}

{hubby reads my blog apparently!}

We lounged in our PJ's the rest of the day and then went back to John's parents for dinner Christmas night.

{they love their new house!}

We all had an awesome Christmas! I can't believe it's already come and gone!! What did Santa bring you for Christmas?



Alex said...

I love that the kitties got presents!! Looks like y'all had a great Christmas :)

Heather said...

Looks like it was a great Christmas for you two! I love all your outfits. And the sweatshirt, I mean could there be a more perfect one for you? I think not :) Question, what are the roll things that y'all had on Christmas morning?

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