Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Boob Update

Can y'all believe it's already been 6 months to the day since I had surgery?? If you missed my story, you can find it here. You can also find my post with my initial post op pictures here

I thought it would be good to give a little update since I've been asked alot about the surgery through facebook, twitter and instagram! 

Most of you had asked me before hand why I was having surgery because you just couldn't tell that my boobs were that big... Which is flattering, but I hid it well. And, I was good about not ever posting pictures that I was unhappy with. Which meant that pictures where my boobs looked huge never made it off my phone/camera and got deleted. 

I ended up finding a few where I felt like my boobs looked humongous. And yes, go ahead. I know all of you are looking at my boobs in these pics now ;) 

I was miserable all day in this last picture. Strapless bras and big boobies just don't mesh well so that day at our friends wedding, I was miserable when I should have been having fun! And that's when I became scared to death about what was going to happen when it came time to wear my wedding dress all day for our wedding. 

Then I went to try my dress on after it came in with my mom and I came out of the dressing room mortified... We were trying everything to figure out how to make it work. Even to the point where we were going to sew in some material to cover me up a little bit... And even to the point where the thoughts of buying a new dress were going through my head. 

After our vacation in July, I decided to meet with a plastic surgeon. And I am so glad I did. 

This surgery was THE best decision I have ever made. 

I am completely healed now and I think I am finally at the size I am going to be. I was wearing a 34 G-H before and now I'm in a 36 DD (from Victoria's Secret). Yes, they are still big according to some peoples standards, but I'm happy with this size. If they were any smaller, I think they would look out of proportion with my body. And the best thing is that they aren't saggy any more. That was the worst part before surgery. 

Yes, I have scars and no they aren't perfect. You can only see the scars when I don't have any clothes on and I have some numbness but I'm ok with that. The few "side effects" I have are very minimal compared to wonderful outcome of surgery. 

I had my final follow up appointment with my surgeon just after the new year and he said everything looked great and now I don't have to go back unless I feel I need to. He did say that after I have kids, I'll most likely need to come back to have a lift again. They will get bigger and stretch while pregnant. He said that that surgery is way easier because they use the same incisions and are basically just cutting skin, not tons of fatty tissue. 

Like I said, I am still completely happy with my decision to have surgery and I have no regrets whatsoever! 

Here are some recent pictures... 

{about 3 weeks post surgery}

{about 2 months postop}

And here are pictures from Cancun and the Wedding. Some of these you can't tell a whole lot about my size, but I would have NEVER been able to wear the dresses I did, had I not had surgery. Like a said, strapless bras/dresses don't mesh well with big boobies! And swimsuits... I got to buy swim suits from Target! TARGET!! That's un heard of for me. AND I was able to buy strapless ones! Would have never happened before surgery!

And then the wedding dress.... I am so completely in love with our pictures and I know I wouldn't have been if I would have never had surgery. I would have been miserable the whole day and worried about people seeing too much of me. I would have been uncomfortable. I wouldn't have had this big smile putting on my wedding dress!!! 

And the trash the dress.... I saw pictures before the wedding and before surgery of these beautiful brides  laying in the sand and I was sad that I was going to have to tell the photographer that I didn't want to do that. These last 2 pictures I would have hated before surgery... 

BEST DECISION EVER! If you have thought about having the surgery, do it! You will not regret it. You can see how much it has changed my life in just 6 months. I promise, it'll be worth every ounce of pain and every penny you spend. And if any of you have any questions, feel free to ask! I have been completely open and honest about the process and if I can help one other person make the decision to change their life, it's so worth it. 

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

12/17/12: Trash The Dress - Part 1

Previous wedding picture posts: 

Finally the trash the dress pictures!!! Let me first forewarn you, we did not actually TRASH the dress. Yes, we rolled in the sand, got in the ocean and in the pool, but my dress was not trashed! This was so much fun and it was really nice getting to put my wedding dress on again!!

We got up early the day after the wedding and my mom came to our room to help me back in to my dress and she fixed my hair. I really loved the way it turned out! I didn't wear any makeup or jewelry either for simplicity. As we were walking out the door we grabbed our sunglasses and decided to do some pics with those just to make it a little more fun! We met the photographer at 9am and she definitely had some fun shots in mind for us. These are all of the pics from our session at the beach and ocean.

After the beach we tried rinsing off at the showers by the pool, but for some reason there was no water. So, we just got in the pool to get all the sand off of us... And those pics are coming up next ;)


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Some days you just have to have these random posts right?

- Don't forget to enter the Marrygrams giveaway I have going on until tonight! If you are a bride, you'll really want to check it out! You can find that post here!

- I've decided to start taking button swaps again so let me know if you are interested! Click the link below :)
sponsor me!

- I've also decided to sponsor a few blogs. I only want to sponsor blogs that I feel like would give me exposure and who actually read my blog and preferably have more followers than me. Do you take sponsors? Do you sponsor blogs? Help a girl out and tell me your favorites!

- Alot of you have been asking for the Trash The Dress pictures so the first set of those are coming up TOMORROW! I promise it will be worth the wait ;) 

- I have been considering doing some design work for wedding related items like I did for our wedding. I had so much fun doing our DIY projects and would love to help out any of you if you are interested! I can do the Do Not Disturb signs, welcome brochures, any kind of tags like the maraca ones seen below, etc. I'll do several orders for free just to get started and get more practice! 

- I am so ready for Spring Break. Only the rest of this week and next week and then I'll be off for 9 days! This is one of the reasons why it will be REALLY hard for me to leave the school system!! 

- John and I contacted our travel agent to book our anniversary trip back to Mexico!!! We get a a couple of free nights at any Dreams since we got married there, so we are looking at a few of our options! I can't wait. I need to be back on a beach bad but this time with no wedding to plan!

- Make sure to check out my new tabs up at the top. I've been updating away since I got my new design! :)

And that's it for this Tuesday! Have a great day y'all! 


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