Friday, March 29, 2013

5 Years...

5 years ago today...

... I got ready for my last first date

... I nervously met the boy who I had no idea would change my world

... I took a trip to the zoo that was like no other trip to the zoo

... I had my last first kiss

... I realized that a man that wants to be with you will make sacrifices

5 years ago today, my life was forever changed. I had no idea what would come out of that trip to the zoo, the IM's, the trip to sonic and the boy who was allergic to cats...

Happy 5 years to my HUSBAND!

Want to know more about us, how we met, our first date, the wedding, etc? 
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Revisiting Why I Blog

I just want to take a minute and revisit this post I wrote last July -- "Why I Blog"

Go ahead, go read it, you'll really enjoy it!

Lately I've been feeling very torn about blogging. Do I follow the trend and take sponsors, do group giveaways, sponsor blogs myself...? It seems like that's what everyone is doing and I thought maybe I should do it to. If everyone else is going to make money off their blog, why not do it too?

I've been torn on where I want this blog to go and what I want to stand for when I write. I don't want to be that blog for y'all that you skip over because it's another sponsored post or another group giveaway. I don't want that. I don't want that for me, my memories, or for our family and friends who are reading every day.

But then I think... that's how everyone else is doing it. It's back and forth in my head constantly. Then I went back to that post I wrote last July and I got my answer.

I'm not doing this to have 1000 followers over there on the right. I'm not doing this to make money. I'm not doing this to make friends. I'm doing it for me, for my memories.

What actually really struck me to write this post was a few emails I exchanged with Mandell the past few days. She said, "Man, it's a lot of working trying to put together a decent blog! I don't know how you do it!"

And since some of you might be thinking the same thing, I want to share what I told her. "I focus on MY blog. I comment when I can and respond to comments when  I can, but my main focus is documenting my life for me and my family. So that's my first goal when I sit down at the computer. Then if I have other time, I'll comment and respond."

That mindset isn't for everyone though and not everyone is going to agree with it. But it's my blog, my life, and my writing. Yes, you'll be deeper in the blogging community and have more blogging friendships if you "mingle". But I don't have time for that! My number one priority is my marriage. Going home, getting on the computer and commenting on blogs and responding to comments, isn't the way John and I are going to grow our marriage and relationship. The evenings are our time together and like I said in July's post, my main priority is getting my own post written. Most of the time I get those knocked out during the weekend so we have our evenings together.

So, like I wanted Mandell to know, there is no "right" way to blog. If you want to take sponsors, take sponsors. If you want to do giveaways every day, do them. If you want to just blog and not ever comment, fine. It's your blog and you do with it what you want to do!!

And now that I've gone on a little rant, the main focus of this post was to tell y'all that starting today, we're going back to the basics over here at What Makes Savanah Smile... 

True, raw, real, from the heart posts. 

THAT's what I want to remember next year when I'm reading back on my blog. Not the big group giveaway of the week. Not the random pinterest pictures I found. Not a sponsored post for something I will never use.

I truly appreciate everyone who reads my blog every day... family, friends, blog friends and all those other people out in the internet world I don't know about. Your comments mean the world to me even if I don't get to say Thank you every time you leave one.

And if you aren't yet, I hope some things I've said here will help you get to where you want to be in your blogging adventure. Just write from the heart... Those are the posts that I want to read. Those are what grab my attention and make me want to comment on your blog and follow your story....


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

12/17/12: An Untraditional Videographer

Our journey with WeddingMix started back in September when I was discussing our videography options here on the ol' blog. Laura left a comment letting me know about WeddingMix and what they offered and I was definitely intrigued.  I found the website, asked a bunch of questions (thanks to the live chat feature!!) and finally put our deposit down to have 3 video cameras come with us to Cancun! Through out the whole year of planning the wedding, choosing to use WeddingMix was the second best decision we made! I say second because having a destination wedding was our first best decision! 

{Kevin was the official videographer of the guys getting ready}

Cancun (at least our resort) wasn’t up to US standards with the videography service and quality from what we had seen and heard from other brides. We could have paid an outside vendor fee plus the steep $2500 for a professional videographer in Mexico, but that wasn’t in our budget, especially for only 6 hours of coverage. We worked with Ariane and got our video cameras, notified all of our guests to download the iPhone app before we left for Mexico and then it was time to get on a plane to get married! The video cameras and phones came out starting at the airport and never got put down by our guests or us the entire 10 days we were there. From tequila shots in the Mexican restaurant to me trying sushi for the first time in the Japanese restaurant and from our rehearsal in our swim suits to our big “uh oh” when we missed our flight trying to get home, it was all on camera. All those little moments that a traditional videographer wouldn’t have caught were on video and we couldn’t wait to see it all edited and put together once we got home.

{Summer was the official videographer of me getting ready}

When I got the email that our video was ready, I couldn’t wait until I got home to watch it. I watched it right there in the salon with foils in my hair. I teared up watching how much was caught on video and getting to relive the mariachi band, the rain storm, doing the wobble in the dance club, jumping in the pool during our trash the dress session and everything else was just magical, even sitting there in a salon chair! Yes, having the ceremony and reception on video was important to me, but having all the other days from our guests point of view was more than I could of ever asked for!

Thank you so much to Ariane and everyone else at WeddingMix for helping all of my wedding dreams come true. The things that we have on video are priceless and we wouldn’t have any of it without WeddingMix!!

And because I love YOU all so much I'm sharing the link to see the gallery containing our entire wedding video. Ok, I know you won't watch all 58 minutes of it, but atleast watch a little. It definitely captures so much of our 10 days in paradise! So click THIS link and the HD Feature Edit is the video! I also want to mention that all those other little videos you see on the page... those are all the videos that our guests captured and what were put into the final video. We got all of those on a DVD so we can watch them too! 

And if you don't feel like watching the real thing, here is the trailer that they put together for us that is much much shorter ;) 

I highly recommend using WeddingMix, especially if you are having a destination wedding! If you have any questions let me know or visit their website and they have a live chat feature! 

And in case you missed it, WeddingMix let us use the app at my bachelorette party and you can see that blog post and short video here

{WeddingMix did not ask me to write this post. I really loved it that much so I had to share with everyone about our experience!}

 Helene in Between


Monday, March 25, 2013

Houston Rodeo Recap

Since I can't keep up with my weekend updates, this weekend update is brought to you by the Houston Rodeo we went to LAST weekend! We went on Friday night with a group of friends. If you live in Houston and haven't been to the rodeo, where have you been? Best rodeo ever! And if you aren't in Houston, I highly recommend you getting your butt down here and visiting at least once! It's a regular carnival by day, and a rodeo and concert by night. We saw Blake Shelton when we were there!

{my OOTD}

{calf scramble}

{mutton bustin}

{Blake Shelton}

{friend cookie dough}

{friend oreos}

Now you all need to get down here and come to the Houston Rodeo next March!!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

3 Special Birthdays!

There are 3 very special birthdays in the Ryan house today!! 

And it's not my birthday so that only leaves 3 others.... :) 

Happy Birthday Pixie, Lucy and most of all John!!! 

Pixie and John share the same birthday (according to Pixie's adoption papers) and Lucy's is around this week based on her size when we found her, so we celebrate her's today too! 

Pixie and Lucy obviously don't know it's their birthday and I'm not THAT crazy where I have them a party, but I have to acknowledge them. 

Happy Birthday baby girls!!! 

And of course my husbands 29th birthday is a big deal! We're the same age again until October and it's his last year in his 20's!! 

Happy Birthday babe!! I love you and I hope this years birthday is SO wonderful! You do so much for us, even on your birthday weekend, so sit down in your recliner, relax and enjoy your day today!!! I hope you enjoy dinner tonight with all of our friends! Love you!

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