Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday!

1. Football season is back y'all! The first Tech game is tonight and we're all going to our friends Sarah and Matt's house for the first of our many watch parties.

2. My car got a freaking bug infestation! Yes, my car! I think I got it from one of my clients houses. They were little ant/flea like bugs all over the passenger side seat (where I sit my bag after my visits) and in my center console. I have a can of RAID in there now to spray daily and I'm setting off a fogger in there this weekend. But, I still love my job!

3. Wednesday marked 1 year since I had my breast reduction! I can not believe it's already been a year, but I am SOOOOO happy with my decision!

4. I got mixed feelings on my dress post on Monday so I am making one more shopping trip this weekend to try to find something. If I can't find anything, the navy dress it will have to be! It's crazy how different weddings are between here and the East Coast. Kristine and I were emailing back and forth about how it's totally acceptable to wear boots to a wedding here in Texas ;) haha

5. I died my hair back dark. Ha, I couldn't really think of anything else exciting to put in spot #5 ;) My hair is always different colors and I think it's time for me to just leave it alone! My hair grows super fast so it's so hard to keep up with highlights. I have bad gray hair so I might just have to go in for touch ups at my roots, but overall, I think I just need to keep it brown! And, I'm ready for it to be long again! I think everyone has that post wedding urge to chop their hair off like I did, but I'm ready for it to be long again!

Happy 3 day weekend y'all! 


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Things that will make me defriend you on facebook

Facebook has been on my nerves like whoa lately and I've seriously considered defriending people over it! I'm sure y'all have those friends too that you just want to say, "What were you thinking posting that??"

So, here's my list of things that will add you to a defriended status! (well, maybe not really defriended, but at least hidden!)

1. Duck face selfies. Do I really need to say more? Why do I have grown women in my feed doing this?

2. Men taking shirtless pics of themselves in the mirror. No, just no.

3. Inviting me to play every single stupid game that's out there. Yes, I play candy crush, but no, I do not invite every single person on my friends list to play with me. Please stop sending the invites!

4. Sharing recipes and craft projects... This is not Pinterest people!!! Click on the link and book mark it. Don't share it for all your friends to see.

5. Sharing shit in general. I am guilty of sharing stuff but only if it's something very meaningful or I feel strongly about. Do not share every single little thing.

6. Statuses like "prayers please" or "think about me today" or "we're going through something hard." ETC. To me that shows up as attention seeking. And let's face it, I'm nosy and want to know what's going on...

7. Messaging me over and over about your latest business venture. Sorry, I'm not buying.

8. Statuses where you have to click 'read more'. Facebook is not a place to tell a story. I understand if you need to do it every once in awhile, but every day? No.

9. Updating your every movement. Yes, I have people on my feed that post at least 15 status updates a day. I'm going to the bathroom, I'm getting my hair done, I miss my boyfriend, I hate my boyfriend, I have no friends... Let's get off facebook and actually live your life!

10. Sharing your daily horoscope, bible verse, or whatever. Again, something for you to read in private.

11. Hashtags. Ok, I know facebook supports hashtags now, but people - learn how to use them.

What would you add to this list??


Monday, August 26, 2013

Black Tie Optional

With the upcoming wedding in NYC in September getting closer and closer, I have been stressed out to the max over what to wear because of 3 little words at the bottom of the invitation...


I'm not sure if that's just something we don't do here in Texas as much as other places, but I've never been to a wedding that had the "dress code" on the bottom of the invite.

I do not own a "little black dress" and I don't really have any really formal dresses. And, I don't want to buy one because I will never wear it again!

I feel like there's really not set "guidelines" for this like there is for a beach casual or for an actual black tie wedding. I am reading all sorts of different things. Some places say a long dress, some say a cocktail dress is fine.

Here is what Emily Post says about the subject for men and women...

I have ordered and tried on probably 50 dresses and just can't find one that I like and can justify spending hundreds of dollars on. My body doesn't work well with typical cocktail dresses just because of my big booty and legs so a tight dress isn't an option! And I refuse to be all uncomfortable in spanx all night ;)

So, I want all of your opinions.... I THINK I have my outfit, but don't quite know if its dressy enough.

This was an outfit I had found awhile ago on Pinterest and was kind of my inspiration...

So, here's my take on it...

(this dress looks much more navy than royal blue in person)

from Dillards

(this isn't the exact color of my clutch. Mine is a lighter gold and a smooth material but the same style with the bow, mine looks alot more dressy because of the smooth material)

Extra accessories - 

-A short blingy gold necklace - I did short because of the ruffles. I felt a long one would get lost in the ruffles. 
-Gold bangles
-A thin gold belt - I'm ditching the tie that comes with the dress. 
-I'm getting my hair done at the Dry Bar in NYC so it'll be dramatic. 
-I plan on finding somewhere to get my makeup done or doing it very dramatic if I can't find anywhere. 

Also, I want to mention that John is wearing a navy suit, so we will be in similar colors. 

Ralph Lauren from Macy's

So what do we think? Is my outfit dressy enough? 

And now we must think about what I can wear to the rehearsal dinner.................. haha. 

But, other than the stress of the outfit, I am so freaking excited about this trip! Being back where we got engaged, seeing all of John's family and a fancy wedding to go to sounds like so much fun :) 22 days!!!! 


Friday, August 16, 2013

A Week in San Antonio

A few weeks ago we had our state meeting for my company in San Antonio! I rode with another nurse there Tuesday afternoon and after our meeting was over on Friday, John met me there for a fun weekend! 

Tuesday, me and the nurse I rode with, checked in to our room at the Marriott Rivercenter and then walked around the riverwalk and had dinner at Casa Rio. 

{look at how fat she is!! She did not want me to leave Tuesday!}

{view from my room}

Wednesday was the first day of the meetings and I learned so much when I was there! It was also so cool to all the different nurses that do the same things as us all over the state. Wednesday after the meeting my supervisor took us 4 nurses on the team to dinner at Mi Tierra. Of all the times I have been to San Antonio, I've never eaten at this place and it's supposedly a San Antonio staple. The food and margaritas were delish and the atmosphere was even better! After dinner we took a boat ride around the river - a must do on all San Antonio trips!

{our hotel}

{our hotel was connected to the mall - it was dangerous for me! haha}

Thursday after the sessions, I went with one of the nurses on my team to the Tower of the Americas where they have a 4D movie. It was so cute! And then we went up top to the observation deck! She had never been to San Antonio so we had to walk past the Alamo and then we had dinner at Salt Grass on the river.

{of course I facetimed by babies ;)}

Friday we got out of our sessions at noon and then John met me there around 1. We had lunch on the river right outside our hotel and then headed to Fiesta Texas! We were both a little skeptical about going and walking around outside when it was over 100 degrees outside but I wanted to go! It actually turned out not to be so bad - the park was empty! We walked up to every ride and managed to pretty much ride all the rides we wanted to in less than 4 hours. It was fun, but I am not much of a roller coaster person anymore. It sucks getting old! We got dinner on the riverwalk again on Friday night after we made it back to our hotel and went to bed early!

Saturday we slept late and didn't really know what to do because it was SO hot. It was just too hot to get ready and go walk around the riverwalk outside so we looked up some fun things to do around the area and Natural Bridge Caverns came up. I hadn't been here in years and John had never been so I thought it would be the perfect way to spend our day. You basically walk really far underground in to the cavern. I think they said it was equivalent to walking down and back up 18 flights of stairs. It's 70 degrees and 99% humidity inside. You also aren't allowed to touch anything in there which at times is very hard considering you have to duck to get through places. It was so fun, but hot and tiring!

We stopped somewhere close by the caverns for dinner which was so yum!! We got back to the hotel and just decided to head home even though we were supposed to stay until Sunday. After being away since Tuesday I was so ready to get home and sleep in my own bed. 

{I have a Vera Bradley problem...}

I love my job and am so thankful I get to do fun things like this for work!

Have you ever been to San Antonio?

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