Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Fall Y'all!!

Although Christmas is my favorite Holiday, fall is definitely my favorite season! Football, my birthday, cooler weather, and smells of cinnamon, pumpkin and spices just make this season so enjoyable for me.

This weekend I finally got all of our fall/Halloween decorations out! I didn't decorate last year because of all the wedding craziness so I was so excited to pull everything out of the closets after being locked up for 2 years!

I loved how everything turned out so I thought I would share today :)

{my pile of stuff all out of the bags}

{Lucy wanted to help}

What is your favorite season?


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NYC Recap: Day 2

Wednesday we decided to sleep in a little and then head out for bagels for breakfast/lunch. We did a little yelp searching and decided to try out the Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company. Another delicious choice! Bagels in NY = amazing!

After our lunch we decided to walk the High Line because we were in the area and I'm so glad we decided on this! It's a park that's built on an old railroad line that's elevated above the street. It was super cool to walk on it and see all of the new modern construction as well as see some different views of the city! 

After our trip to the High Line we decided to go check out Rockefeller Center. This was one thing that was crazy for me to see not at Christmas. What a huge difference the season makes. I expected to walk up and see the Christmas Tree and an ice skating rink but instead it was converted to a nice little restaurant! And it was a whole lot less crowded!

{Today Show set}

Then it was time for my most favorite cupcake EVER! Crumbs! The Crumbs we went to didn't have a place to sit inside so we took them down the street and sat down on a ledge just outside of Times Square. The weather was really nice so it was nice just to sit, enjoy our cupcake and people watch. Then it was back through Times Square to get back to our hotel.

Wednesday night we got to see Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway! It was SO good!! Wicked came to Houston this Summer, but we didn't get to go. I am glad now that we didn't because seeing it on Broadway was just amazing!

After the show, we went to Carnegie Deli for dinner. This is one of John's favorites, but I've realized I don't like it quite as much as I used to. I'm just not a deli sandwich eater, but I love the bowl of pickles and I can't say no to a good piece of cheesecake ;) After dinner, we walked back through Times Square to get back to our hotel and I had to snap pictures of all the lights at night, plus I got a good glimpse of the Naked Cowboy!

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