Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby Ryan: Telling our Family and Friends

We got our first positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks 4 days pregnant. Of course we knew we couldn't start telling people at that point. Even though it was SO hard!

We decided we would wait until after we had an ultrasound and knew that baby was ok and had a heartbeat. So, we had to wait over 3 weeks before we could actually tell anyone because I had my ultrasound at 6 weeks 4 days.

It was so hard to decide how we would tell both of our families around the same time without them being suspicious. My family lives in Ft. Worth, John's parents live here in Houston, but his sisters live in Austin and Lubbock.

John's mom didn't know for sure that I had taken Clomid because last I had talked to her we hadn't decided yet. My mom knew I had taken it, but I might have told her a small fib that I started my period so she wouldn't be suspicious ;)

So we decided that we would go to Ft. Worth Saturday morning after I had had my ultrasound that Thursday. We would spend Saturday night there and then drive back to Houston and tell John's parents on Sunday.

Once that was figured out, I had to figure out what we were going to give them and how we were going to do it. I wanted it to be special. I know my mom has been ready for us to have a baby for a very long time and this would be John's parents first grandchild.

Etsy and Pinterest to the rescue as usual!

We got both of our parents these little blocks with the first ultrasound picture on it. My mom and step dad are already GG and Cowboy so we did that on theirs. We had never talked about what John's parents would be called so we just put grandparents on theirs.

And since John's parents didn't have names picked out we got them this book.

For our siblings, we got these cards. (I had to have them take pictures for me because I forgot to take some of my own!)

Once we got to Ft. Worth that Saturday, I was so nervous and still didn't really know HOW I was going to give my sister her card or my parents the blocks. My mom had gotten a lot of my family together over at my Grannie's house for dinner which was perfect but wasn't sure how I was going to pull it off. My sisters birthday was in July and I hadn't given her her gift yet, so after we ate I said I was going out to the car to get her birthday present. I grabbed her card, her REAL birthday card and the gift bag with the blocks in it since that could be played as her birthday present. I walked in and handed her her card and told her it was her birthday card. Surprisingly, she read the whole thing and had no idea what it meant until she opened it up and saw the ultrasound picture. No one else was really paying attention until she burst in to tears and gave me a hug. Still no one had a clue what was going on. I remember hearing my aunt say "Did she give you a trip or something??" haha. So, then I handed my mom and Tim the gift bag and then everyone figured it out. All I remember is there was a bunch of yelling and crying! I had planned on getting the whole thing on video, but by the time John even realized what was going on, his phone had died!! And my phone was in my pocket. So we have no pictures or video of this. But it definitely was so memorable and I am so glad my Grannie, aunt and other family were there also!

Sunday afternoon we were back on the road headed back to Houston to tell John's parents. I carried a big purse with me so I was able to stuff their blocks and the book down in my bag. John's parents thought we were just coming for dinner like we always do on Sundays so they weren't suspicious at all. After we ate dinner and were about to eat dessert, I told John's mom that I had a book I wanted her to read and got up to go get it. We always talk about books and she gives me books to read so she didn't think anything of it. I handed her the grandparents book and she sat there for a second and read the title and said "Are you trying to tell me something?" Then it was all chaos from there! haha. And we actually have this on video! Since John's sisters live out of town, we put their cards in the mail Saturday before we left, hoping they would get them Monday or Tuesday. So we told John's parents they couldn't say anything until they got their cards in the mail. Well, Katie finally got hers on Tuesday and then by Thursday evening, Meaghan still hadn't gotten hers, so we had to send her a picture of the card. It wasn't ideal, but we couldn't keep it from her any more!

Then it was time to start telling our close friends! The weekend after we told our parents was the first Tech football game. If you've been reading my blog for any period of time, you know Tech football is a big deal in our house and we watch the football game every Saturday with our friends. So, I knew we had to tell that close group of friends that weekend, otherwise someone would ask. I knew the "Why aren't you drinking?" question would come up. So again, I was on the hunt for a cute way to announce it with a football theme. I couldn't find much, so I figured a cookie cake was a great idea - it's delicious and you can put whatever message you want on it. We told our friends we were brining dessert and showed up with this cookie cake...

It was pretty funny because our friend Summer walked in, opened the box, saw the Tech thing and said "Oh how cute!", closed the box and walked away. Everyone had walked in the house at this point so I said, "Summer, did you read it?" So everyone walked over, huddled around the box, and then a bunch of screams! haha. It was so much fun and the perfect way to tell all of our friends. 

And of course there were other friends that weren't there that got other text messages...

I made sure that everyone important to us knew about the baby before posting it on social media. I wanted to share that time with just our close family and friends with just us knowing before we made it public.

This was also time for me to find the perfect way to announce our baby to the world. We were going on a cruise, so a beach picture would be perfect. We are beach people. We were married on the beach! I knew we had to incorporate that somehow and of course came up with the perfect way for us to share our big news.

{taken on the beach of Half Moon Cay, Bahamas}

I am so glad everyone knows now and I can't post about it and talk about it openly. I am so happy with how all of my ideas in my head came to life with telling our family and friends. We both will always remember those special moments!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Baby Ryan: The Details

I guess we have to take this all the way back to June of last year. Yes, June 2013. I don't remember the exact date, conversation or anything, but that's about when we decided to "let's just see what happens" and stop using birth control/protection. I had been ready for a baby for awhile, John wasn't quite ready yet, but we both knew it could take awhile. I was 29 years old (old in the doctors book) and had a history of irregular periods, annovulation, and PCOS. We knew it could be hard for us to have a baby.

Fast forward to November 2013 and we finally met with a Reproductive Endocrinologist, mainly to just see what was wrong with me and figure out why my periods were so irregular. Not necessarily to start any fertility testing or treatments. All of my blood work came back good, but my ultrasound showed I had classic PCOS signs. I was told to track my ovulation for 3 months and then return with my findings and we would go from there. When you have irregular periods, tracking ovulation is hard. Sometimes I could track it, sometimes I couldn't. We still weren't 100% ready to go forward with any fertility testing after 3 months of trying that so we decided to wait on going back to see him.

And then in February of this year, we found out we had gotten pregnant on our own, but unfortunately it ended in miscarriage. After that, I 100% knew I was ready to be a mom, but I knew I needed time to recover and deal with the loss.

We both decided in June that we would go back and see the RE and just see what he says. We would do whatever fertility testing was recommended to just see what was wrong with us. We had a very productive visit. They decided our first step would be 3 rounds of Clomid. Since I had gotten pregnant before, he knew I had at least 1 tube open and at least some of John's sperm was doing it's job. :) If in 3 months we weren't pregnant with Clomid, then we would do the necessary tests to make sure that we could actually get pregnant on our own. The nurse gave us our schedule of when I was supposed to take the medicine, to ovulate, when to have sex, etc. It was alot of information.

After we left that visit, we still weren't 100% sure we would start Clomid with my next cycle.
We had some time to think about it and to decide. In the mean time is when all the confusion was going on with John's job and the house. We didn't know what job he was going to take, where we were going to live, etc. Then I started my period on July 3rd so we had to make a decision soon. I was due to take Clomid on July 7th if we were going to start it with this cycle. I decided I was going to take it at night (if I were going to start it) so even on July 7th up until bed time we still weren't 100% sure. We want a baby, but are we ready? Is this a good time? So many questions and reservations, but so much want in our hearts too.

And as most of you probably have figured out, I took my first dose of Clomid on July 7th and took it for 5 days. I started tracking ovulation around Day 12 of my cycle, I ovulated on Day 18 and then you know the rest. ;)

On Wednesday, July 30th I went in to the RE for an ultrasound of my ovaries because with Clomid you have a risk of getting ovarian cysts. My ovaries looked good so the nurse told me to take a pregnancy test that Sunday. I had all sorts of emotions going through me. I could be pregnant.

I stopped at Target on my way home to pick up some things and decided to grab a box of pregnancy tests too. I should also mention that during this time we were living in a hotel. We had put our house on the market and had so many showings scheduled, we had to get out of the house with the cats. That night, I decided to do a test even though she told me to wait until Sunday. It was positive. I was pregnant. There was no go out and surprise John with a cute little card or cake or onesie. I walked out of the bathroom of our small hotel room and said, "well I'm pregnant!" We didn't want to get excited yet, because it was early. I had had a false positive before.

The next morning I did a test and it was negative. Then later that day positive. And then finally Friday morning, another positive. We knew at that point, I was pregnant! We could finally be excited and start talking about baby stuff and not gonna lie, things like "oh shit, what are we going to do!" came out of both of our mouths multiple times. But we were going to be parents!

I called the nurse Monday morning, I went in for my HCG blood work 3 different times and it was all perfect and rising and doubling like it should.

And on Thursday, August 21st, we got to see our little miracle for the very first time. I was 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We could see the heart beating and the baby measured exactly on track. The first thing out of John's mouth was "There's only one in there right??" With Clomid you have a 1/20 chance of having multiples... haha! And yes, there's only one!

Because I was seeing the RE, I got to go back in 2 weeks and see the baby again. On Tuesday September 2nd, I got to see our baby and hear the baby's heart beat for the first time. I was 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant. 

The next week I had some spotting so I went in to check on the baby and everything turned out fine. That was Friday September 5th and we finally had a "baby." The ultrasound tech showed me the baby in 3D and I was just absolutely amazed at the way the human body can work. The baby was moving all around. It was crazy. I was 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant. 

The RE released me to start seeing my regular doctor so on September 29th I got to see our baby for the 4th time at my regular OB's office where I was 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant. The doctor said everything was progressing normally, I had all my prenatal blood work done and here we are today! 

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and plan on posting more in the next week about how we told our family and friends, answering all the questions you've had and starting my weekly bump pictures/updates! 

Thank you so much for all of your facebook, instagram and blog messages and congratulations! They all mean so much to both of us!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Ryan House

In case you missed the news, we are building The Ryan House!! I still can't believe it. John and I have talked about building a house for a long time and we always just pushed it aside because the only place to build in Houston is in the burbs if you don't want to spend a half million dollars (which was not in our budget!!) John finally agreed to move to the burbs and here we are, building our house in Katy! 

We signed our life away (not really, but it sure felt like it!) a few Saturdays ago and you know I immediately asked the sales person for a sold sign for a photo op ;)  I am really excited about our new neighborhood and house if you couldn't tell. The neighborhood is called Firethorne and we have community pools, gyms, lakes, walking trails, etc. We'll also have easy access to shopping and freeways which is essential for us for commuting. They're also building an elementary school in the neighborhood for our kiddos one day! 

There were only a few lots left in the section we wanted. We decided to pay a little extra and go with a corner lot. Land is prime out there so we weren't able to afford a huge lot so we decided to get a corner lot to make it feel a little bigger. 

We had to pick our brick, stone, elevation, and outside paint colors that day. Talk about overwhelming. This is the front of your house that everyone will see!! The sales person drove us around the neighborhood pointing out bricks and stones and we ultimately decided on the Acme Old Francisco brick and and Austin Stone in Cream Chopped. 

This isn't our house, but this is the brick and stone combo we chose... 

We also found a house in the neighborhood that has the same elevation we picked. This what the front of our house will look like, except different brick, different stone, and different paint. 

And here is our floor plan! We looked at a bunch of builders and hundreds of different floor plans. This was the only one that we really loved and felt worked with what we wanted. We decided to add a gameroom upstairs as well. 

The builder was also building an inventory house with the same floor plan in our neighborhood that wasn't quite done yet so we got to go in and see it and take pictures and really get a feel for what it's going to look like. The model homes just are hard to picture when they are all decorated weird and it's all upgraded. Here's a few pictures I snapped from the inventory home... 

{standing in the living room looking in to the kitchen. These are also the cabinets and interior doors we chose}

{another view of kitchen/breakfast area}

{standing behind the island looking into the living room, where the TV will hang on the wall}

{master bathroom}

I am so excited about the open floor plan! I can stand in the kitchen and cook and do dishes and watch TV at the same time. 

When you build a house, you have a ton of choices, all of which cost a gazillion dollars because the builders have them marked up a ton. Our realtor did some good negotiations and got us a quite a bit of money to spend in the design center. You'd be shocked at what is not included when you build a house. Nothing in any of those pictures is standard - all upgrades. 

We went to the design center to look around once and start getting some ideas and then had our full appointment last Friday. Luckily we already had price breakdowns and my finance husband had a spreadsheet of everything we were wanting so we kind of already knew about how much we were going to spend. I'm really excited about everything we picked. We got *almost* everything we wanted. There's a few things that we had to do without but it's all stuff that we can upgrade later on, and I'm ok with that. We wanted to make sure to spend our money on stuff that wasn't possible to do later on or was really hard like wiring, outlets and cabinets. I was able to snap some pics of some of our choices too. 

{cabinets, granite for kitchen, tile for wet areas and carpet}

{backsplash for the kitchen - this was in their kitchen there}

{stone for the outside of the house and what we will surrounding our fireplace/hearth}

{picture of everything together - the wood in the middle is our banister rail}

Things we compromised on: 

Wood floors - We decided not to do this through the builder because of the ridiculous costs. It's like a 200% upcharge for wood. So, we are going to do the carpet in the living room and dining room and then rip it up before we even move in and put wood floors in on our own. We also really like the idea of the tile that looks like wood and that was even more expensive than wood floors at the design center. 

Island Pendant Lights - I really wanted these even though that kind of sounds stupid. But they really know how to get every penny out of you. So what we did was go ahead and wire for them and add the switch and we will go to home depot or something and pick one of our own that we really like and install it our self. 

Granite in the bathrooms - ugh, i hated not being able to do this. But granite is easy to add later. And they use a new marlique marble in the bathrooms now that doesn't look too bad. So, this will be something that we can do in a year or so on our own and not spend so much money doing it. This is what our secondary baths will kind of look like. 

Framed mirrors - You can bet I've already been searching pinterest for DIY's on this. Mirrors look so much better framed, but at $600 a mirror, you bet we passed on this. 

Cabinets over the toilets - Again, another thing that I wasn't going to pay $600 per bathroom for. Another pinterest project we'll do once we get moved in :) 

The White fireplace mantle - ugh, I hate it. But, to get a oak one was another $1500. On top of what we already paid to make it stone. So, we will paint the mantle dark to match our wood floor once we get settled. 

I think that's it. Honestly in the big picture, it's not alot and all stuff we can fix later. 

Right now our lot still looks like the day we signed our papers, just a bunch of dirt. We're hoping they break ground soon! December 29th is the day on our contract, but they said that was the earliest it will be done. We're thinking it will be more like January. But it's worth the wait!! 


Thursday, August 7, 2014


We have had a CRAZY past few months! Which is why there has definitely been a lack of blogging going on. There were weeks of tears and then weeks of so much joy.

You might remember me saying here in my #100happydays post that there were 2 days of celebrating... what were we celebrating?

John got a new job! 

It was a few weeks of stress though because he turned down the new job, decided to stay at his current job, and changed his mind 3 other times since those celebrations....

Yes, you read that right.

BUT, he eventually decided to take the new job and he started this week!

It was such a tough decision for both of us. How do you leave a company you've been with 7 years? We had to look at the big picture. Even though the commute will be longer for him, this is ultimately what was best for him.

So, here's what kind of went down. (I really am only documenting this for our sakes to remember this time in our lives).

We started looking at building a house back in June. We really wanted to build in Katy because we live close to their now, it's where his family lives, it's where John spent his late childhood until he went off to college and almost all of our friends live in that area. We fell in love with a neighborhood and fell in love with a floor plan so we decided to go ahead and get a realtor and start negotiating prices. Right in the middle of the process, John got the job offer with the new company. The commute wouldn't be bad from our current house, but from the new neighborhood in Katy, it would be at a minimum 50 minutes, but with traffic you're looking more like an hour or more. I was leaving to go to Puerto Vallarta and John was still negotiating money with the new company so we put everything on hold with the house.

The new company gave him the money he felt like would be worth it to move so he accepted the position and we decided to just stay in our house until next year and he would re-evaluate the situation and see if there were somewhere else closer to the job we would want to move.

He went in to his boss to put in his notice on Friday and surprisingly he wasn't trying to get him to stay or anything so he felt like this was the best decision and it all worked out perfectly. Monday he walked back in the office and the CFO of the company and his boss really were pushing for him to stay and promising him things they would do to make it better.

Alot of tears and a long story later, he decided to stay at GE. We started looking at houses again and got in to the negotiations process again and then the bosses couldn't really follow through with some of their offers, atleast not now. John really felt like he made the wrong decision after this.

He went back to the new company, apologized, and they said the offer was still open. So, he accepted and turned in his notice again at GE. He finished his 2 weeks at GE, took a week off and then started his new job this Monday.

So, what do we do about the house?? John decided that the commute would be worth it to live in the area that we really want to live in. He's been lucky the past 7 years with a 15 minute commute. Most people in Houston commute an hour or more so he can do it too. If we moved closer to the new job, we would be in an area we know nothing about, we wouldn't see our friends on the whim like we can now and when kids come, it would be harder for us to see his parents and to have help from them.

So, after all the drama, tears and confusion, John got a new job AND we signed a contract to build our first house together in Katy.

I will have a whole post dedicated to the new house process so far so stay tuned for that.

This whole process really tested our relationship. There were days we went to bed angry and both in tears just because of all the stress. But it all worked out, our relationship is stronger because of it and so many good things came out of it. :)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#savanahs100happydays Challenge: Days 31-40

Read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here

Day 31 - Pixie missed me so much while I was gone. She wanted to snuggle me all day :)

Day 32 - I didn't take this picture on this day obviously, but this day week had been stressful and I needed a little reminder of just how lucky I am!

Day 33 - I got my credit score in the mail - whoa!! Who knew I'm so good with my money?!

Day 34 - Celebratory sno cones from Bahama Bucks! What are we celebrating? You'll find out soon ;)

Day 35 - And a celebratory dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Churasscos, with our favorite Tres Leches!

Day 36 - Fajita night at the Ryans!

Day 37 - Lucy jumped up in my lap as soon as I sat down on the couch

Day 38 - monthly massage appointment

Day 39 - The next vacation countdown has started. Spent my evening looking at excursions!

Day 40 - It was quarter end this week and John had worked until midnight every night. Thursday he actually got home "early" (7pm) and didn't have to work 4th of July! I was happy about it, but I think Lucy was even happier ;)

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