Monday, January 27, 2014

1 Year Anniversary Paper Gifts

I stressed for months over what I was going to get John for our anniversary. I wanted to be traditional and do paper but John is SO hard to buy for and not really a sentimental person. Google 1 year anniversary gifts and you'll get scrapbooks and a bunch of mush I knew he wouldn't really enjoy.

Finally after a gazillion internet searches I found something about a travel map. Hmm, that sounds interesting. So, I do some more searches for  DIY travel map (because the ones I found online were scratch off and not really my style) and up popped The Dating Divas website. They had a whole post dedicated to a travel map and I was in Heaven. I knew I found John's gift. We travel alot and this is something we can add to year after year so it was perfect. And Easy!

I started with the 24x36 map from this website and a basic frame from Hobby Lobby. The map was only like $6 after shipping and the frame was about $15. Cheap so far! Add in some spray adhesive, the free printables from the Dating Davis website and some map flags - you've got yourself a travel map!

When I gave it to him, I had only pinned the places that we had been together so far and since then we've added in the blue flags - places we plan on visiting soon and the white flags - places we dream of going.

On our list of places we plan on visiting soon - (because we have the cruise booked for September)
Turks and Caicos
St. Thomas and
Puerto Rico

And on our list of places we dream of going -
Rome and

I love seeing all of the pins on there and can't wait to add more through the years! I really have no idea where we are going to hang it yet. We are in the process of making over our master bedroom so it will probably go in there after we are done. Ideally I'd love the map in the middle and the pictures all around it from our travels! I will share once it has it's final destination!

Along with the map I also got John a book...

I ordered from Amazon here and even though some of the places in there are very random and odd and we will never visit, it was fun looking through it and adding some new places to idea list!

And I can't only rave about what I got him because he got me something pretty special too :)

Those are our first dance lyrics in the tree! He did good :) It's going to hang in our bedroom too! 

I know this is off topic of our anniversary gifts, but since I was horrible and didn't take hardly any pictures of our actual anniversary celebration, I thought I would share the pics I DID take here. On the 17th, since it was a work night and had just gotten back from Napa, we decided to go to dinner at Maggianos (where we went after our church wedding), came home and had cake and watched our StoryMix wedding video. :) The only pics I took were of our cake! We ordered a new cake since we couldn't exactly bring home our cake top from Mexico ;) This is a replica of our cake we had after our church wedding at Maggianos. It was delish! 

What an amazing first year. I can't believe our anniversary has already come and gone! People aren't kidding when they say it flies by. I really can't wait to see what the next year brings! 



Rebekah said...

I LOVE the gifts you got each other! So very cute and sentimental! The map idea is very neat!

Brittany Fry said...

I love the map! My hubby would love that as a gift. I have been wondering what to get him for our one year too and this is perfect, thanks for the links on where to get the stuff too. We didn't get to save any of our actual wedding cake either so we are going to just have a little one made for our one year. I am really excited and this year has really flown by this upcoming month we celebrate 7 months.

Hope you have an amazing week!

Alyssa said...

The map is such a great idea!!!! Remembering this one :) :)

Meg Cady said...

What great gifts! I love that yall kept it traditional but really added your own twist!

Katie said...

Your map turned out beautiful!!

Allison @ Texas Mrs. said...

First off, love those gifts!!! John did a great job too!!! And that cake?? Please please send me some. Because it looks divine! :) Happy 1st anniversary again!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Awe those are such great gifts! You did great and he did great too! :) Happy Anniversary!

Alex said...

I love the idea of a travel map! I got one for my boyfriend for Christmas actually :) And that book is awesome! There are so many interesting places in it.

Genna said...

This is SUCH a great idea. I'm getting married in a couple weeks and I am hoarding all these great anniversary gift ideas already!

sangeetha said...

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Heidi said...

I love y'all's love for travel! We are the same way. Love the map you made and that it was affordable. And he did so good too!

Laura said...

happy belated anniversary! I can't believe how time flies. You both did an amazing job on the anniversary gifts, what great ideas! And that cake is BEAUTIFUL!

Erin said...

What a wonderful anniversary! Y'all both gave such heartfelt this map! Such a wonderful idea! Hope this year brings many blessings!

First Anniversary Gifts said...
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First Anniversary Gifts said...

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Syndal said...

do you have something behind the map so the pins will stick??

nancy john said...

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Adiba Alam said...

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