Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse - COMPLETE!

10 days are finally done and the results are in...

I lost 6 lbs and John lost 8.5 lbs!

I am very pleased with how everything went and we have definitely changed our eating habits!

What I'm most proud of? Not having ANY dairy or diet coke for 10 whole days. Y'all I love my milk, bowls of cereal, cheese... so no dairy was very hard. And the no diet coke thing flat out sucked. I have added back in diet coke, but only 1 can a day. I crave water now which I never did before. In fact, before this cleanse I rarely drank water. There would be days I would have NO water at all.

We also limited carbs during the cleanse which was really good for me since we eat pasta alot. We had 1 night of whole wheat pasta on the cleanse and ate quinoa a few times, but other than that and of course fruit, no other carbs were had.

These were some of our meals that got us through the 10 days...

{tomato basil chicken with whole wheat pasta - minus the butter}

{grapes for dessert and snacks}

{I used half of this and half water to mix with the nasty ass fiber drink - made it a little more tolerable}

{brussel sprouts - learned I'm not a huge fan!}

{bunless grilled burgers, brussel sprouts and a pickle}

{stuffed bell papers with turkey taco meat, salsa and pico}

{a leftover mixture of the turkey taco meat plus black beans and quinoa}

{grilled bison and corn}

{another little mixture I threw together for lunch - quinoa, black beans, pico, cilantro and salsa}

{sugar free jello, cool whip Free and strawberries}

{turkey sausage, egg whites, and a banana}

{marinated grilled chicken and grilled asparagus}

{spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs}

{random salad mix with eggs and a fat free balsamic vinegar dressing}

So, what's next?

We're continuing to eat healthy. The cleanse really helped open our eyes to how bad we were eating and how eating healthy really can be good food. We will splurge every once in awhile. We went to a wedding this weekend and you bet I had wedding cake and a few glasses of wine. We also went out to dinner for my father in laws birthday saturday night at Buca Di Beppo which is family style italian. I ate, but didn't over eat like I usually do there. And I ordered water to drink!

I am still prepping my lunches and snacks for the car so I have no excuses to stop for fast food.

I also joined Weight Watchers again. I had huge success a few years ago when I joined and I'm hoping this will keep me accountable. I also plan to add in exercise again. (John and I didn't work out the entire cleanse).

So, here's to a new journey for both of us. We have a long road ahead, but know we are capable and we have to do it for our health!



Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Awesome job! That quinoa looks so good!

Callie Coker said...

That's awesome girl! AdvoCare offers products that you continue taking, especially on days you want to "splurge"!

Jen S said...

Those meals looks amazing. Great job!

Ericka said...

Way to go!! Did your husband willingly agree to do the cleanse with you? I'm always trying to get my husband to eat healthier with me, but it just doesn't work. Wondering if you had any secrets to getting him to do it with you :)

Amber said...

So awesome! I'm excited you guys got such awesome results.

I really love the meals you guys made. Kept it interesting so you weren't eating the same thing every day. How did you like spaghetti squash? I'm still intimidated by that thing, so I've yet to make it.

Samantha Horseman said...

You go girl!! Keep it up :) I will have to try out some of those dinners. I've always wondered about spaghetti squash

XO Samantha

Alex said...

Wow congrats!! You're right, that fiber drink is so gross. I made myself just chug it down. I never thought it mix with some oj!

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