Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Advocare 10 day Cleanse

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you probably don't know that John and I started the Advocare 10 day cleanse on Sunday. We bought it back in November and just never found the perfect time to start because of the holidays. We didn't want to start something and set ourselves up for failure so we waited until a slow time in our lives to really focus on it.

So we are 4 days in and this shit is hard. We had been eating really bad over the last few months so this is so much harder because we aren't used to prepping food, eating fruits/veggies, drinking water, and not going out every night! And unfortunately my weight showed for all of that. John and I both are at the heaviest weights we have ever been and we knew it was time to change. We are hoping the cleanse will put us back in to a good routine and healthy eating habits.

The hardest part for me is my job - I'm in the car all day so I have to find foods that can stay in a cooler all day and be eaten on the go and not have to be heated up. It's taken a lot of prep time every night, but it's getting easier. It is so much easier to just run through the drive thru somewhere, but I know I can't do that every day!

{my "office"}

John and I are HUGE caffeine addicts - me Diet Coke and him coffee so this has been hard for us but the Spark has helped tremendously. I still crave diet cokes for the taste (not the caffeine) and John still craves coffee but I'm hoping this will break some of our bad habits. Maybe I can just have 1 diet coke a day afterwards instead of the 4 I was drinking! (yes you read that right!)

{my new pink blender bottle and my favorite Spark - fruit punch}

So, anyway, just wanted to touch base (I know it's been forever since I've blogged) and keep everyone in the loop about whats been going on with us! We aren't really doing this to loose alot of weight in 10 days (even though it would be nice!!) but we're doing this to make a lifestyle change so weight will come off easier and the healthy way in the months to come!

Wish us luck!!


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Kindra Roberts said...

Spark tastes really good!!!!

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